Rating: 1

September 14, 2013

Never buy from this dealer. Purchased a "certified pre-owned" Odyssey from this dealer, expecting a safe vehicle that had been thoroughly inspected. Instead, 5 months later, we were in an accident with one of our children secured in a car seat in the driver's side second row captain's seat. Upon impact with the other vehicle, both captain's seats came completely detached from the floor of the vehicle. Our 3-year old's face slammed into the driver's seat and he had lacerations on his face and bruising on his body. We had never taken the seats out before - ever. The body shop said the seats appeared to have never been installed correctly.

Attempts to resolve with the dealer have not even been taken seriously. We are lucky our son wasn't seriously injured or killed. Buy from a dealer that cares about more than just collecting your money. And be vary wary of Honda's certification process. Apparently dealer's inspections are far from complete.