Rating: 1

August 8, 2013

Wow! Has some of the worst services I have ever dealt with. Here is my experience with Wow!:

  1. They tell me I can pick up a modem from the offices on Mass. I go and pick one up, and it doesn't work. I phone and they tell me they haven't connected my apartment yet. Someone needs to go to my apartment to install it.

  2. Next day, they told me they have activated my internet. Still doesn't work. I call again. They accidentally activated the wrong apartment. They need someone to come down.

  3. Next day, someone comes down to activate it. They bring the wrong modem. They tell me someone else needs to come down to activate the right one (I asked for a wireless one, they brought a wired one).

  4. I call to set up an appointment, they tell me I don't need one, and that I can just go and get a wireless modem. I go over there to get one, but she tells me that someone needs to go to my place to install it, and that I CAN'T just get one. She schedules an appointment the next day, since this has become a problem.

  5. Next day, no one comes to my apartment. I call, and they tell me she scheduled it for next friday. They are unable to get an appointment that day, even though they promised one.

This has been some of the worst service I have ever seen. Changing your name wont change who you are, Knology. Stop hiding behind masks and make an actual change to help your consumer.