Rating: 1

March 1, 2013

Black_butterfly was probably dealing with the young woman who manages the place. This woman who manages it lacks social skills and apparently experience. Almost everyone at this store seems to be barely out of High school, if that. If they are pleasant they are incompetent, However you are just as likely to be treated rudely. If the inappropriate conversations employees on break have outside in back during nice weather isn't enough to kill your appetite, the filth inside any afternoon ought to do it. The condiment bar is often filthy, with long dried catsup in a puddle and thetables are dirty even when it is dead slow. I catch a bus at this location 3 times a week, and not once in weeks has the place show nany sign that anyone actually cared about the condition of the place. One day in January I witnessed a "meeting" several corporate types had with the manager. In spite of the fact that the restaurant was filthy again, no one was cleaning the dining room. The condiment bar was disgusting. What was clear was that the well fed men who were meeting with the manager seemed more interested in being intimidating than actually seeing what was happening with their business. Today, I decided to stop going to this location. I was there at the usual time. There was a disinterested young man at the counter who looked lost. The rest of the crew was whooping it up in the back Frankly it sounded more like a cross between a tailgating party and a locker room than a business.And yes the condiment bar was FILTHY. At 3pm, with only 2 people in the dining room. The other Lawrence store gets 4 out of 5 stars. I guess until someone at Wendy's takes a long hard look at this store.and gets a handle on what is either complete incompetence in Human Resources, or a pattern of hiring young inexperienced workers who will put up with low wages and poor treatment (there is no shortage of that type of practice in Lawrence) with no regard to the impact of such a practice of the quality of the customers experience. here's a thought- Hire people with experience who know how to work and are AWARE that the customer is the REASON for the business. A pretty smile is not enough when competence is required, and rudeness needs to be addressed with progressive discipline. Try to remember the Health Dept has it's rules for a reason. Rancid catsup is never appetizing, and neither is a filthy dining room. Employees on the property should not be vulgar, even on break. And for God's sake, keep business meetings discreet. How you treat your managers and employees sets the pace for the quality of the employees you have, and therefore the experience you provide for your customers. Those you have left. Remember, it isn't your money till it has left OUR hands.