Rating: 5

August 21, 2012

I too have used Prices several time. The first time they came out was because my freezer stopped working. He didn't have to do or order anything- he just advised us on the course of action we should take. We were charged the $55 visit/diagnosis fee, which I think is fair, as his time and advice shouldn't be free. I didn't know what the charge would be- I didn't ask- but he told us at that time that if the course of action we were instructed to take did not work, he would come out again (I think the time limit was 90 days- plenty of time to see if the "fix" worked) and there would be no fee on the second visit. I think that an initial fee should be assumed. I have recently had them out again for another appliance, and he has never been anything but professional and helpful. Assuming the second repair remains repaired- and I have confidence that it will, I would not hesitate to have them out again.