Rating: 1

July 1, 2012

Went in once and the last time. I stopped by and made 2 pedicure appointments they said come back in 45 min. so we did. We sat for another 45 min. waiting finally we were told to go to the pedicure chairs, to only wait for another 20 minutes. My friend gets hers first it took them KID YOU NOT 15 MINUTES to do her pedicure I was sitting right beside her and said my goodness that's the fastest pedicure I've ever seen. The nail tec pretended that he couldn't understand what I was saying. My friend is a runner and has blisters and cracks from her shoes and when she was finished they hadnt even addressed them. The only thing that looked better was her polish. I recieve pedicures every 2 weeks and mine also only took 15 minutes. It was the worst pedicure I have ever recieved. I had a broken toe nail and she tried to polish it and it was all jagged on the edge I told her it was not exceptable. I am assuming it was the manager that came to fix her mistakes. But he did a poor job also. They did no filing on the nails or our feet no cuticle was cut and polish was all over our cuticles. when I went to pay for our services the bill was $69.00 on the sign pedicures were priced $24.00 I have no problem paying for my services but when it is this poor I can go to the beauty school and get better services. I was embarrised to say I was giving my friend a treat that was so poorly done. I will not be visiting this business again. The salon had 18 pedicure thrones and 8 manicure tables and only 3 people working. It is a new business in the last year so I thought I would give them a try sorry I did.