Rating: 5

May 31, 2012

The underground lab (UGL) is a unique locally owned gym where you can get personalized or group training (and go workout as often as you like at other times when you've signed up for a training program). The owner (Fernando, also a trainer) is extremely energetic: constantly making improvements, immediately responsive to any concerns, posting on the facebook page and emailing out tips (if you wish to be included). UGL may be seen by some as "hard core" because they emphasize their ability to challenge anyone no matter how fit you are. That's vital. On the other hand, don't be scared away if you have, for example, never been in a gym before. UGL serves anyone who is ready to try hard, and the challenges will be tailored to your level. (They train children/adolescents too.) I started training with Chris 5 months ago and wow! This is not average personal training like I experienced elsewhere. Chris is dedicated, skilled, and able to combine kindness with real pushing; a quality coach. The workouts are difficult, varied, creative, and fun. I have been interested in fitness for a long time, but never had so much fun or been this motivated to see how strong I can get. This is the kind of thing UGL does to people. Be careful, it's contagious!