Rating: 5

April 16, 2012

** BTW....seems to me that inga0209 was a bit harsh in giving a small establishment like this a one-star. A one star can vastly reduce business and IMO should be reserved for companies caught trying to cheat you...not for being a little slow or for telling you bad news about your car you don't want to hear. Obviously, this guy (and K's) both had a bad day going - but one star...come on.

On to MY REVIEW: I've been here six or seven times now. I've purchased four sets of tires (we own five cars in the family) had two oil changes (cheaper than JiffyLube), a couple of slow-leak flats fixed and some brackets re-attached to an exhaust system. One flat still wasn't holding air...they fixed it free. So far I'm very pleased. I've checked prices...they were good. The service is friendly and you are usually dealing with the owner, who seems very trustworthy and honest.

The place isn't a palace, but it's presentable and clean, and lower overhead probably helps keep the prices down.

With five cars, I like to deal with car repair and tire places I can trust 100%. When I can trust an establishment I'm a very faithful customer....I'll even drive a long way to get there. BUT, the moment I get the feeling I'm being taken ...I go elsewhere and don't look back. So far I'm staying here.