Rating: 1

February 2, 2012

DON'T GO TO GAMENUT! Especially the one on Iowa. I called looking for a few specific games and was given prices on them. I went to gamenut on Iowa (we'll call it gamenut a ) looking at 4 games: resistance 1 and 2 , killzone 2, and unreal tournament. Gamenut a had them all, prices were higher than I was quoted and I told them. They said I was mistaken. rat this store resistance 1 and 2 were 20 a piece, killzone was 20, unreal was 10. I called the main store on mass and told them of the discrepancy, and was told to bring them in, and I would be refunded the extra $. After I went in, I checked this stores prices on all of the same games (this store is gamenut b). After looking at the games on the shelf I was shocked: resistance 1 and 2 were both marked at 15, killzone2 was marked at 13, and only unreal had the same price at 10. That's 15 more for the same games, at the same company, just a different store. I was told I could get a store credit for the difference in the price of killzone 2, which could only be spent off their store. I pointed out that I paid 5 more for the same resistance 2 game I just purchased, and was told that the 15$ price was mismarked, and 20 was the right price. I them told him that resistance 1 was 5 more for the same game at gamenut a also. He didn't bother looking up the price in the computer, he said " well that's what were trying to work out). Bottom line, I paid 15 more at gamenut a, for the EXACT SAME USED GAMES I could have gotten for 15 less at gamenut b. 15$ is a whole extra game for nothing. The one mistake they were able to correct, I got store credit on, which they profit from. This is a poorly run business, and even when you point out that they made a mistake, and their obvious major discrepancies , they will do little to make it right. I do my best to support local, small businesses, because I think its important, GAMENUT HAS MADE ME A GAMESTOP CUSTOMER FOR LIFE, AND I ENCOURAGE ANYONE READING THIS TO AVOID MAKING THE SAME MISTAKE I DID. DON'T BE A GAMENUT CUSTOMER, THAT WAS MY MISTAKE.