Rating: 1

January 12, 2012

There's really nothing good I can say about Knology, and I've been using them since before Knology purchased Sunflower Broadband. First of all, their internet services are absolutely TERRIBLE! Currently I'm paying $45 for 10 Mbps down and 512 kbps up, which is a joke. Their speeds and bandwidth "restrictions" have probably stayed the same since 1998. Unfortunately there aren't really any better options at this point in time for internet in Lawrence, but once Verizon FiOS (or a similar company) comes in I will be switching immediately. As for Knology's TV services, thankfully I made the switch to DirecTV about a week ago. Now I'm getting 30+ more channels (including HBO, Starz, Cinemax, Shotime) and 40+ more HD channels and a lot better picture quality for less than I was paying Knology (and that's after my 12 month introductory rates expire). Lastly, Knology's customer service is atrocious--especially since all of my calls are now directed to Atlanta. When I called to cancel my TV services I made it very clear that I wanted to cancel just my TV services and not my internet service. And what did I notice the next morning? My TV service was indeed off, but my internet service was shut off as well. When I called to fix this problem I was told that my internet was shut off (and could not be turned back on) because I owned $1200 for my HD-DVR equipment that I have yet to turn in--even though I had just canceled my TV service at 10 PM the night before. When I called my "customer service representative" on this she quickly changed her story and then proceeded to tell me that she couldn't figure out why my internet service was off but would forward it on to another department. Finally, after 7 hours and two more calls to the great state of Georgia, I was able to get my internet turned back on. Knology thinks we are stupid and that we won't realize the fact that they very rarely update their services (especially internet) but increase their fees. Avoid Knology at all costs if you can! And hope that their Lawrence monopoly on cable ends very, very soon.