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October 29, 2011

After living in California for many years and new to Lawrence and the weather I am hearing about, I was on the hunt for a warm coat. I hate to pay retail! Quality is number one with me and a Designer label is certainly a plus. The challenge was finding a 1X!

I had been everywhere! Lasting Impressions certainly lives up to it's name and they did have a great selection (a brand new Coach bag at a price I could not pass up) but no coat in my size. So desperate, I was tempted to buy a long leather one for a man, but the shoulders made me look like a football player.

So discouraged...where is the coat someone left just for me? At the point of risking a blind purchase online or just layer what I have and face the brutal cold...I was fed up and giving up...tired of chasing the streets.

Just one more trip to Salvation Army before surrender and throwing in the towel. Omg Omg! What a mecca on Friday...still in shock over the thrill. I literally had to get a shopping cart to carrry eight that I could get on! I headed to the mirror, almost embarrassed to view the treasures and make the choice. How is it possible there were so many? It was like winning the Lottery...am I in Vegas?

I bought four!!!! Three have never been worn! A mauve suede one even had new matching gloves in the pockets! The long cobalt wool to die for even matched the boots I wore. The aqua, subtle irridescent jacket with cinching ties so flattering I could not say no. Lastly the chocolate ankle length Leather was icing on which cake???

After my fashion show for mom at home, I figured it out...had some Lawrencian with a giving spirit for the Holidays thought of me and others? That alone is a gracious blessing...what could be more caring? You ready?

Well known Designers have dumped their overstock at Salvation Army!!!

My total? Oh....one more surprise....you sitting down? Friday ALL clothing at Salvation Army was HALF PRICE!

Out the door...$$$$$ 32 Dollars and change! Snow??? hmmmmm Cold??? hhhhmmmm Bring in On!!!