Rating: 2

October 4, 2011

We have a big family so we choose restaurants with the best specials and only eat what is on specials. We love Henry T's Sunday taco special. We can take our whole family there without breaking our budget.

However, we decided to try something different so we went for wing night. When we arrived we asked our server how the wings came, if we needed to order in groups of six or what? She explained that she was new and didn't know. She went to ask and came back and told us that they came in half and whole orders, like the menu says. We thanked her and told her that we thought it might be different since it was the special. She continued to take our orders and serve our food and everything was fine until the check came. We were shocked to see our total was 3 times what we thought it would be. The wings were full priced because we ordered before 6:00. When we asked another server, she said that the server is supposed to let us know that the special hadn't started yet. That only made us feel worse.

We are on a tight budget and that blew it for the rest of the month, actually cut into our grocery budget. I guess we won't be returning for tacos for a while.