Rating: 5

July 24, 2011

Made the switch a few weeks ago from Knology. I was paying almost $80 a month for internet service, and we switched to the AT&T plan for $39.99 a month. Our Knology plan said we had 50mpds and when we were having issues with streaming we called for service. The technician came out and said, "... it's above my pay grade to fix this..." So I went to AT&T. They told me to go to www.speedtest.net to see what download speed I was actually receiving--never went above 16mpds. My $39.99 a month plan from AT&T has me at 18mpds and thus far, two weeks, we have had NO issues. It's a designated line to my home so there have been no "slow" times. We have three computers, and a PS3 running constantly through out the day just to give you and idea of how much we use the internet. Thank you AT&T! I'm a customer for life!