Rating: 5

March 5, 2011

Lucky You Indeed.

Lucky you .... live in a town that has fresh baked cookies delivered to you and can bring some coffee and milk along with it.

Lucky you .... they have a choice of six different cookies delivered to you warm shortly after you call.

These are amazingly awesome cookies. Not something you'd find in a store bakery or even a restaurant. Each cookie is charmingly unique. One might be slightly thicker than the other, or rounder than it's peers. This, like a real pearl, is proof they didn't come from some mass produced homogenized tray but were handcrafted just for you. Lucky you.

Lucky me for getting a bakers dozen (13) and trying two of each. My favorite was definitely the double fudge--a chocolate chocolate chip cookie. But I'm a chocoholic so that's kinda a no brainer. Other varieties included that cookie with the really silly name, snickerdoodle, but with a really serious taste of cinnamon and sugar. Oatmeal raisin was healthy, but I doubt it counts as health food. They had the classics like peanut butter, sugar and chocolate chip. Nothing fancy or exotic, because let's face it, cookies remind you of home and Mom didn't exactly make yours with madagascar vanilla or himalayan salt. She made you cookies that put a smile on your face. Lucky you.

My Mom never baked. Ok, she made those cookies in a tube for bake sales, but that was about it. Lucky me I live in a town where I don't have to nag mom for some cookies before bedtime, I just call Lucky you.