Rating: 5

December 30, 2010

For a town smack dab in the middle of American without a large Italian population, we sure have a great selection of Italian restaurants.

Genovese is an outstanding Italian eatery brought to you by the same group that gives us La Parilla and Zen Zero. Similarly Genovese's menu represents the diversity of Italian food, not just the tomato sauce and pasta we grew up with as kids (That's a spicy meatball!)

Obviously like many Italian eateries pasta and sauces are made in house and ingredients tend to be seasonal, so expect an ever changing menu. Pay particular attention to the soups because they are usually outstanding and are excellent compliments to the weather outside: thick hearty soups in the winter and light and refreshing soups in the summer.

One of my favorite menu items are the fried local Wakarusa mushrooms that are quite the treat. These aren't the breaded mushrooms you get at the bar that are pretty much batter balls with something resembling a mushroom stuck in the middle. These fried mushrooms are more in a tempura style: a extremely light coating that makes the mushroom inside crunchy and moist. The dominate flavor is the mushroom, not the coating. Coating is tasty though!

The wine list here is awesome! A selection of wines by the glass and bottle at reasonable and accessible prices. Watch out for wine specials and wine dinners--they aren't to be missed.