Rating: 5

November 17, 2010

I'm pretty much a vegetarian and still love this place!

Not much on the menu for me, but the baked potatoes are HUGE. I mean freaking HUGE and roasted to perfection. Ok I'm weird, but I put a ton of pickled and BBQ sauce on the top and it's a tasty meal.

What you really need to try is their smoked turkey for thanksgiving. Call ahead and you'll have a complete smoked turkey for your holiday guests. No fussing with the oven or the fryer and your guests will have a unique meal that was no trouble for you at all.

That's one of the keys here: the sauce. Lots of variety right there on the table.

The owner is pretty much on premises and is happy to answer questions and chat things up--and he speaks his mind! He'll tell you quite a few stories about road rallies his been to with his catering truck.

Be prepared to get there early. Meat is prepared daily and when they run out....they run out . That's what's great about a local place. They don't just defrost the meat made in some factory kitchen, Biemers stuff is made right here in Lawrence