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OmnipotentOne Rejuvené Salon and Spa

I went to Marcia for a 90 minute massage. She came in about 5-10 minutes before my appointment. She took a phone call then took me back. I used the restroom and met her back in the room at the time of my appointment. She ended 15 minutes early, which I realized while I was getting dressed.

I asked Marcia about it when I went to pay and she said that she checked the time when she went back and it was 10 til. Well, actually it was about 10 til when she walked in the door. She told me that she starts the clock from the time she takes customers back, regardless of whether they need to use the restroom or not. She said that she also accounts for dressing and undressing time. Another woman working said that she agreed with me and that Marcia did take me back at the set appointment time, so she took off $5. $5 from $125 is basically nothing. Based on the amount she charges: about $1.39 per minute, she should have given me a $20 discount.

The massage itself was great, but not getting my entire 90 minutes was a huge disappointment. I get about 3-4 massages per year, and I will not be going back to this establishment.

Rating: 5

fiorellaprile Rejuvené Salon and Spa

I have been here multiple times to get my hair done by Ashley and I have to say THANK YOU!!! My hair is dark, crazy curly and I have tons of it!!! I have gone to other places before and never got them to cut my hair the way I wanted it :( Ashley really listened to what I wanted and made me happy :) she was very patient and a perfectionist which you NEED TO BE if you are cutting my hair!!! I also got highlights which came out great!!! I have recommended this place to a friend who went in for a haircut and was also very happy!!! I have also seen Marcia for waxing services and she was awesome!!! I got my eyebrows, lips, FOREHEAD yes that's right! and my arms waxed a few times now :) I love the fact that the room is always clean and she follows all of the sanitation procedures, the services were great and the prices were definitely affordable, also I like the fact that they are always running some type of deal or discount special, just look on facebook or twitter :) I will definitely be back over and over again :)

Rating: 5

Aaron Butell Rejuvené Salon and Spa

Rejuvene Salon and Spa is a great locally owned spa located in Downtown Lawrence Owned and Operated by Marcia and Ashley Butell.