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Rating: 1

Pn66049 Price's Appliance Repair

We called for a dishwasher repair and owner came out. Spent 5 minutes telling us that we had rodent damage and needed a new dishwasher due to electrical issues. Charged $80; Then my husband re-glued a detached wire and the machine has worked fine for a year. Felt like a scam. Watch out folks!

Business reply pricesappliance replies...

First let's clarify- More than likely the technician was there more than 5 minutes. He also drove to your house, which is in the county, not in the city. No one ever told you that a diagnosis was going to be free. In fact we are happy to explain our charges before we come out. You DID have rodent damage and gluing wires is not the professional way to do it. You need a wiring harness which is an expensive repair. We diagnosed it correctly and gave you a price for repair. You never replied and when we called to ask if you were going to have it repaired or pay for the diagnosis, you replied that your husband was going to call to discuss. After sending several statements and waiting for a call to discuss, which never came, we turned you over for collection. THAT is why you are writing a negative review. We are sorry that you weren't happy, but this blame is far from completely on us.

Rating: 5

boston Price's Appliance Repair

I too have used Prices several time. The first time they came out was because my freezer stopped working. He didn't have to do or order anything- he just advised us on the course of action we should take. We were charged the $55 visit/diagnosis fee, which I think is fair, as his time and advice shouldn't be free. I didn't know what the charge would be- I didn't ask- but he told us at that time that if the course of action we were instructed to take did not work, he would come out again (I think the time limit was 90 days- plenty of time to see if the "fix" worked) and there would be no fee on the second visit. I think that an initial fee should be assumed. I have recently had them out again for another appliance, and he has never been anything but professional and helpful. Assuming the second repair remains repaired- and I have confidence that it will, I would not hesitate to have them out again.

Rating: 1

mgmbmwm Price's Appliance Repair

Friendly repairman and the work was done quickly, BUT BUT BUT...Price's charges an extra $55 "trip fee"! So if they have to come to your home to repair your appliance, they're going to tack on an automatic extra $55. Given that most of the appliance repairs are on things like refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and dryers, taking the appliance to their shop is hardly an option. I feel pretty ripped off. So they got that extra $55 out of me once...but they won't get it again. Hope it was worth it. They got a one-time customer instead of a repeat customer.

Business reply pricesappliance replies...

I'm sorry that you didn't understand our charges. The $55 "trip fee" is not automatically "tacked on". The trip charge is $55 and INCLUDES the first 30 minutes in your home. It is only charged one time per appliance repair job. If the repair takes longer than 30 minutes OR if the repair person has to return to your home a second time you are not charged the $55 again, but do pay an hourly rate (broken into half hours). We are very upfront about our charges and try to explain them the best we can, but sometimes people don't understand. Check around-- the industry is really the same everywhere. It would have been nice of you to phone us to discuss this before posting a negative review about something you don't understand. We have been servicing Lawrence and the surrounding area for over 35 years. We did get this far by "ripping people off".

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applianceman replies...

Had you called my company, It would have been $89.00 for me to show up plus $37.50 per 15 min increment that the job takes plus parts. That's a fair and common rate here in Florida. We also have NO shortage of people like you either......"I want everything for as close to free as possible"! Not everyone punches a clock and gets a check every Friday. Running a business is expensive and time consuming! Which is why when I clock somebody over the head with a $350 repair bill, I don't feel even the slightest bit of regret. Want it done cheap? Do It yourself!

Rating: 1

ceesquare Price's Appliance Repair

Repairman said he fixed it, but he didn't. Had to have it replaced. Uncaring attitude as well.

Rating: 5

Pamela Shanks Price's Appliance Repair

I always call Price's when I need an appliance repair. I estimate I have used them 5+ times over the years for dishwasher and washer/dryer issues. I have found them to be professional, on time and helpful. I would highly recommend them.