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Owens Flower Shop

Rating: 5

colicole81 Owens Flower Shop

I just used Owens for the first time this week. I am very pleased with the service. The online ordering system was extremely quick and easy. I received a detailed email confirming both the order and the delivery. I would recommend them others. Thanks Owens!

Rating: 5

Jonathan Kealing Owens Flower Shop

I love Owens Flower Shop. They always deliver the most beautiful flower arrangements to my wife, usually taking some vague notion I have and turning it into something that's both attractive and stunning, plus meaningful. One time recently, I inadvertently ordered flowers from a different flower shop. I paid the same amount I always do at Owens and was unbelievably disappointed by what I got. When I realized that I'd ordered from the wrong flower shop, it made sense. I recommend Owens to anyone who's looking to order flowers in Lawrence.

Rating: 1

ylime3499 Owens Flower Shop

Very disappointed--my valentine came by my work to see how the delivery of the flowers he’d ordered a week prior turned out. His request of 6-12 red carnations with hydrangeas if possible turned out to be one hydrangea with two pink carnations, and a bunch of yellow daisies (or something that resembles them). Upon calling the shop and explaining, hoping it was just a mix up, he was told they were sorry and what the person had written down was just an arrangement of carnations (I would hope that would include more than two thrown in on the side falling out of the vase regardless the color). Again he commented that it wasn’t what he ordered and was again told “sorry”. So much for customer service! This business is not the only of the kind to service the area, and one we will never use again. Use caution!!!!

On a side note when I first saw the arrangement I tried to take it with a grain of salt, because it was such a massive holiday for this service, but nothing looked right. The colors didn’t really go together, and besides the yellow flowers being everywhere, if there was another type it was all to one side or arranged with scotch tape!