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  • Phone: 785-856-6300

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Rating: 1

Angel65 Mass Street Sweet Shoppe

I recently placed a cupcake order with Mass Street Sweet Shoppe for a party I was hosting. I requested adult sized cupcakes (2 different flavors), and she said she would decorate them appropriately for the occasion of the party. When I started taking them out of the box I noticed they were bite-sized, only one color of icing, and none of the decorations we discussed...and some were sloppy and didn't even look like they fit properly in the paper wrapping. They were also NOT the flavors I requested.

It was a very disappointing and embarrassing experience. The amount of money I paid ($75) was way too much for the product I received. After expressing my concern, the owner wanted to make things right and promised to call me the next day to get credit card information to reimburse me. I have yet to hear back from her. I regret choosing this bakery.

Rating: 1

roxersdog Mass Street Sweet Shoppe

The man who works here is one of the most rude people I have ever encountered in my life. He should not work at such a fun business if he is going to be so rude, condescending, and plain mean to customers.

Angel65 replies...

Agreed. He hung up on me when I called to complain.