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Rating: 4

Randy Erickson La Parrilla

Love the rice bowls. Incredible!

Rating: 5

thirdone La Parrilla

I have to say, of all the down town establishments, I get hungry for La Parrilla the most often. Prices are reasonable, food is fresh, salsa is amazing because it is made out of grilled veggies, and place is neat. I like to take my kids out there, with friends. By the way, I can't stand how unethical people are when they log onto the internet and totally blast local businesses. Its so unethical. Grow up people.

Rating: 1

cbohnstedt La Parrilla

My boyfriend and I went out one evening for dinner and we both ordered the chimichanga. Mine tasted pretty good, the tortilla was crisp and the serving was pretty decent. As I was eating my food, I realized my boyfriend was making a face at his plate. He told me that his tasted weird, and I dismissed it because we got the same thing and mine was just fine. After a few minutes of him not touching his food, I tried a bite. HUGE MISTAKE. I've never eaten poop, but I'm fairly confident that if someone were to roll up some poop into a fried tortilla, it would taste like that chimichanga. I had to spit the food out and run to the bathroom to vomit it was so horrible. To this day I don't know how my boyfriend didn't get sick from eating it. The waiter was very accommodating and offered to get a new chimichanga, but the disgusting taste was still there and both of our appetites were ruined. I'm not sure if it was a sanitation issue or something else, but it was absolutely revolting. I don't even like to think about what could've happened to make the beef taste THAT bad. I'm sure if we went back we wouldn't have such a bad experience, but I'd rather go somewhere else and not take my chances.

Rating: 1

Mark Newton La Parrilla

Tried to have lunch here today. Unfortunately it was terrible. The salsa tasted like it was going bad. My waitress didn't seem to care. My pork burrito special wasn't good either. Five bite sized pieces of pork out of two small burritos. Pork was tough to boot.

This place was pretty good and unique when it was new but not now. I gave it a few chances recently and it was just OK. This last time was really bad and will be my last. Second worst meal I have ever been served in a restaurant.

Rating: 4

Dave Greenbaum La Parrilla

Since the move from counter service to table service, the quality of the food and experience has remained the same. I was initially worried that prices or selection would change, but for the most part they haven’t. They still have daily entree and soup specials that, for me, are always a highlight of our visit.

This is South American fare, not just Tex-Mex. Expect recipe and styles of cooking from all over the region. Standards such as enchiladas and tacos are available, but more exotic ingredients are included. This place is extremely vegetarian friendly and you can order rice and beans without animal products upon request and the tofu rice bowl is a protein packed and complete treat. If I’m feeling more sinful, I might get a portabella and Roasted Red Pepper chimichanga. Salsas are tasty, but the chips aren’t usually very fresh tasting; the guac is to die for!

The service is generally speedy and friendly, and above average for a college town. A great choice!

Rating: 3

penguin04 La Parrilla

I agree with a lot of the other posts. I love La Parilla but not crazy about their change to a full service restaurant.

Rating: 5

Jason Leib La Parrilla

You just can't beat the rice bowls. They're a much more flavorful version of what Chipotle does with their burrito bowls, which are themselves very good. My favorite place to eat in downtown Lawrence!

Rating: 5

Meghan Sullivan La Parrilla

I miss the rice bowls everyday.. and everyday I consider driving from KC to Lawrence for some La Parilla chips/salsa and rice bowls. mmmm!

Rating: 5

hthom La Parrilla

Great Latin American food! I liked the old format, but it looks a lot nicer and less grimey inside now. Still worth it!

Rating: 4

workingfal61 La Parrilla

Although the food is still wonderful, I preferred the "old" La Parrilla. I miss the booths, self serve soft drinks and casual, college atmosphere. The new configuration provides for less private dining, and I agree that the addition of wait staff adds to the cost of the final bill. Too bad the owners tried to make the restaurant fancier. What they had before was wonderful! I doubt that I will dine in and just opt for carry out.

Rating: 5

Kimberly Grosse La Parrilla