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Rating: 1

tuamigakimbo Wow!

WOW :( Overpriced for just internet. I do not have a TV, but am still charged a cable fee. Internet can be slow at times. Customer service is terrible! I asked for a phone number and they gave me a number and a code to another division of Wow that does not have Lawrence accounts in their billing system. There isn't even a service phone number on their bill. The automated system is just the worst.

Rating: 1

HS Wow!

First 6 months they overcharged me and I had to call every time to correct it. Now, 6 months later, that my discount is over they are charging me $79.95 with no promotions since I have to wait 12 more months for a new one.

Rating: 1

Herbisco Wow!

Your bill will be much higher than they say. Always. Dirty dirty business.

Rating: 1

Catherina Wow!

The WOW cable guy who came to hook up my router stole my Iphone. It was plugged in right by where he was hooking up the box. I left him alone while I went to another room to check my computer's signal. He left right after. Then i noticed that my phone was no longer charging, but GONE. That was one expensive hook up. Lost all of my pics and vids and contacts because I had not backed them up to the cloud yet. To top it off, the lady told me that she was charging me $30 for 30mgh and then the bill came and she charged me $49 for 18mgh. I had to be on hold for over an hour sorting it out. Also, I never got my iphone back. Anyone want to hunt the guy who took it?

Rating: 1

Matt Tindell Wow!

This is an email I sent to Wow, I had written a different review, but decided to post my email I sent to them on here.

This email is to bring to light the numerous issues I have had with your company. I started service with your company in November of 2013 and signed a 1 year agreement. My first bill I received from your company was wrong and had our deposit mislabeled, which I was told would be returned after 6 months of service, but it was never returned. That call took over 30 minutes to make the correction, which ultimately wasn't fixed. The next major issue I had with your company was when Wow came to repair our neighbors internet, while repairing their internet service they disconnected our service entirely, we discovered the phones, credit card machines, and internet were down about 4:30, I believe it went down sooner then that, but we didn't realize it. They sent another technician out, who had it repaired around 8:00 p.m, this technician mentioned we should receive a month discount, this technician was also the only person I talked to, who I felt was truly apologetic and realized what a mistake your company had made . Our average sales for dinner is between $400-500, that night we had to turn away countless customers who wanted to pay with a credit card, we also had no phone service for carryout or delivery customers, which accounts for 60%+ of our sales. I called Wow, and was initially told I could only get $7 for reimbursement, at first I thought it was some sort of joke, when I realized he wasn't joking I asked to speak to a supervisor, the supervisor went on to tell me Wows company policy states I can't be reimbursed for business losses due your companies failures. He then said the most I could be reimbursed was $39 even after I stated I would cancel my services with your company. At that point all I asked for was a free month of service, to me that is completely reasonable, your company was 100% to blame for my loss of service and loss of sales. The next month I attempted to transfer my service to another business, it was supposed to transfer September 1st, during the 2 weeks to September I called your customer service multiple times and called the sales account manager many times, nobody answered or returned my phone calls, finally I went into the office on the 29th of August take transfer information documents and I gave them to the office, they scanned and emailed the documents to the right person and I thought everything was done at that point. Around mid September I had not heard anything from Wow so I decided to call to see what had happened, when they inform me they never received any transfer documents, I again scan it and email it to this customer service representative, I was being transferred between 2 customer service reps and a sales person for 3 hours who then sent it to the wrong person (a sales representative who said it was not his job), finally I got it sent to the right person. He then told me the transfer was completed and my deposit would be returned within 30 days, I then asked to be transferred back to the sales person to pay the final bill, she stated that the August bill could be paid for by the deposit, which I agreed to. Additionally, I have been in contact with the business the service was supposed to be transferred to and they told me they wanted the service to be transferred so they could keep the same phone number. At this point I thought everything was finished, but then a couple weeks ago, around the beginning of October I received an automated phone call asking me to call Wow. So I call Wow, and the customer service representative informs me that I have outstanding bills, which I explain to her must be a mistake because my account was transferred to another business, so she transfers me to another representative, and I get hung up on. Not having another spare 30 minutes to wait to talk to customer service, and thinking at this point I don't want to talk to your company ever again, I don't call back. Two weeks later (3 days ago) I received a notice saying if I don't pay past bills your company is going to send a collections agency after me. Your company never informed me that the transfer didn't happen, and I get "notified" by an automated call, which only told me to call Wow, and a notice saying you will send a collections agency after me. I'm letting you know now I'm not paying your company anything and you need to return the remainder on my deposit after the August bill. I feel your company deserves to give me an apology for the worst service I have received in my life.

Rating: 1

JACarpenter Wow!

Is it really true that WOW is not going to carry KU's first "away" game this year (against Rice on Sat - with just a 6 1/2 point spread - per LJWorld this morning)? A game KU could possibly win. Tonight Channel 6, owned by WOW, carried a Sport's Report about the Hawk's desire to break their streak of losing "away" games. I've stayed with S/K/W because of their local news and sports coverage, but maybe we should be looking elsewhere. I'm also tired of having to re-boot our internet once or twice a week to keep receiving the mid-speed signal (I'm on Wicked at work, and know the difference.). WOW did recently lower our monthly bill significantly, to nearly match AT&T -- but why did I have to ask, after hearing from friends that they would do it? Then there was the more than 15 minute wait this morning for each my husband and I when we independently tried to call about this issue by selecting "Cable" from their phone tree. Up front, they answer their phone with the recorded statement, "Your convenience is our priority." I gave up waiting, called again, and this time selected their "Cancel my Service" option, which was immediately answered. The young lady who took my call said that she would certainly report to management that a sports fanatic was upset about a football game that was not going to be carried. Does WOW not realize that the economic engine of our very special, wonderful, multi-dimensional Lawrence community is KU and KU Athletics?

Rating: 1

Ryaubee123 Wow!

Wow! Has some of the worst services I have ever dealt with. Here is my experience with Wow!:

  1. They tell me I can pick up a modem from the offices on Mass. I go and pick one up, and it doesn't work. I phone and they tell me they haven't connected my apartment yet. Someone needs to go to my apartment to install it.

  2. Next day, they told me they have activated my internet. Still doesn't work. I call again. They accidentally activated the wrong apartment. They need someone to come down.

  3. Next day, someone comes down to activate it. They bring the wrong modem. They tell me someone else needs to come down to activate the right one (I asked for a wireless one, they brought a wired one).

  4. I call to set up an appointment, they tell me I don't need one, and that I can just go and get a wireless modem. I go over there to get one, but she tells me that someone needs to go to my place to install it, and that I CAN'T just get one. She schedules an appointment the next day, since this has become a problem.

  5. Next day, no one comes to my apartment. I call, and they tell me she scheduled it for next friday. They are unable to get an appointment that day, even though they promised one.

This has been some of the worst service I have ever seen. Changing your name wont change who you are, Knology. Stop hiding behind masks and make an actual change to help your consumer.

Rating: 1

David Albertson Wow!

Rating: 1

Uncool Wow!

Knology Lawrence, KS email server handling emails being sent by users has been down since early this morning (sept 12, 2012). Also their "webmail" won't send either. Totally bent on this end. I can't imagine what businesses are doing with this!

Uncool replies...

Now Sept 14 and still down. I've been a customer for over 20 years and this is the final straw! Checking out Uverse.

capshroud replies...

It was a pretty smooth operation under Sunflower, but as Knology it has been a complete screw up. This is the third time they've blown up the email system in about as many months. My business and home email has not been able to send for 5 days. If you're lucky, you may get a tech support person with some "knolage". Typically, they first they deny it's their problem; next they claim only a few customers have been afflicted; and finally they might actually fix things. TOTALLY INCOMPETENT!

Rating: 1

Chicago1234 Wow!

I have been trying to get Knology to respond to a problem for a year. Their system does not recognize my phone number. This means I have to try 3 times and listen to a recording say it does not recognize my number, then I can request sales and have them transfer, wait on and listening to their recording about great service. If I could find an alternative I would switch today.

Chicago1234 replies...

and I tried their live chat. Doesn't work either. are they kidding!

Chicago1234 replies...

Wow finally a responsive person at Knology, named Tyler. He is sending a technician. I pay for 18MB and online test showing less than 1MB download speed! Tyler confirmed this is true, his test showed 3MB. this has gone on for months, bad service, and trying to blame the issue on my router and the site I'm downloading from, and the weather and and and excuses, etc, etc.

Rating: 1

bmoody51 Wow!

Unfortunately, I need to give a star rating because I can't give a lesser rating. I wish I could give a negative star rating. For several weeks, I have not been receiving all of my emails, having been notified of such by the senders. I call the phone number, only to be directed by "Automan" to input my phone number, for the purpose which has yet to be determined because after I finally do get to speak with a live individual, I am asked for my phone number. WHY? I already punched that in. For the umpteenth time, I explain frustratedly that I am not getting all of my emails. I am informed that the email is a free service of Knology, as if that is an explanation for why I am not receiving emails. I have heard so many excuses over the past few weeks, with the blame being placed on everybody but Knology, with the exception of the second to last time. They informed me their server was down and all of the emails were backed up. Hence, that is the reason I received an email 6 hours after it was sent. I have been told by the General Manager that no emails have been lost. Well, if they aren't lost, they have been permanently misplaced. I wish I had ISP options, but the only option in my area is a dish, which is equally unreliable. Here's a fervent hope that WOW will correct the abysmal service and cavalier attitude pervasive in Knology. It just p*sses me off that I have to pay for wholly substandard product and service. The only thing Knology has to offer over their competition is service; and I feel I have been much the same way a bull services a heifer. And apparently, I am in the majority of people when I discuss Knology.

Rating: 1

alcoholbliss Wow!

my comment

Tired of your sub par equipment for your so called "state of the industry video".

TiVo Premiere: the ideal choice for non Knology area cable subscribers.

Cable companies providing TiVo box Service:

Charter - offers TiVo Premiere box offered as rental

Comcast - offers TiVo Premiere box offered as rental

Comporium -offers TiVo Premiere box offered as rental

Grand Communications - offers TiVo Premiere box offered as rental $12.99 a month

Northland Communications - offers TiVo Premiere box offered as rental $13.95 a month

RCN - offers TiVo Premiere box offered as rental $12.95 a month

Sudden Link - offers TiVo Premiere box offered as rental $15-$17 a month

COX - Coming soon: TiVo Premiere box offered as rental

By the time Knology gets on board the current techs is another 10 years old.

Michael Pinegar replies...

I've been with Knology(Sunflower) for 18 yrs. AND have always used a TiVo. As a paraplegic, I am dependent on television for my only pleasure. They got me hooked up,installed cable cards,and computer. If I ever had a problem they were here on time and always profesional. Thank Knology!

Michael Pinegar replies...

I've been with Knology(Sunflower) for 18 yrs. AND have always used a TiVo. As a paraplegic, I am dependent on television for my only pleasure. They got me hooked up,installed cable cards,and computer. If I ever had a problem they were here on time and always profesional. Thank Knology! 5 STARS

Rating: 1

bshm Wow!

There's really nothing good I can say about Knology, and I've been using them since before Knology purchased Sunflower Broadband. First of all, their internet services are absolutely TERRIBLE! Currently I'm paying $45 for 10 Mbps down and 512 kbps up, which is a joke. Their speeds and bandwidth "restrictions" have probably stayed the same since 1998. Unfortunately there aren't really any better options at this point in time for internet in Lawrence, but once Verizon FiOS (or a similar company) comes in I will be switching immediately. As for Knology's TV services, thankfully I made the switch to DirecTV about a week ago. Now I'm getting 30+ more channels (including HBO, Starz, Cinemax, Shotime) and 40+ more HD channels and a lot better picture quality for less than I was paying Knology (and that's after my 12 month introductory rates expire). Lastly, Knology's customer service is atrocious--especially since all of my calls are now directed to Atlanta. When I called to cancel my TV services I made it very clear that I wanted to cancel just my TV services and not my internet service. And what did I notice the next morning? My TV service was indeed off, but my internet service was shut off as well. When I called to fix this problem I was told that my internet was shut off (and could not be turned back on) because I owned $1200 for my HD-DVR equipment that I have yet to turn in--even though I had just canceled my TV service at 10 PM the night before. When I called my "customer service representative" on this she quickly changed her story and then proceeded to tell me that she couldn't figure out why my internet service was off but would forward it on to another department. Finally, after 7 hours and two more calls to the great state of Georgia, I was able to get my internet turned back on. Knology thinks we are stupid and that we won't realize the fact that they very rarely update their services (especially internet) but increase their fees. Avoid Knology at all costs if you can! And hope that their Lawrence monopoly on cable ends very, very soon.

Rating: 1

Ryaubee Wow!

Knology is an absolute joke. I have lived in Lawrence for 4 years, and have not once had a semester of even decent connection. Weekly, my internet dies and I continue week after week calling Knology, only to be told that they have nothing they can do. They are more expensive than any other provider I have ever used, yet gives me the worst service.

Needless to say, I was booing the loudest at Legends of the Phog when the Knology mascot was on the court. It's bad enough that knology screw me over with my internet, now they're trying to ruin KU basketball as well. I pray to never see a Knology mascot on the legendary Allen Fieldhouse court ever again.

Rating: 2

figurefave Wow!

If I had a nickel for every time I couldn't connect to the internet through Knology's Palladium package, I would never have to pay my overpriced bill out of my own pocket again.

Rating: 1

thebrettj Wow!

My experience with Knology has been disappointing. When Knology brought out Sunflower Broadband, I was excited at the prospect of getting rid of their restrictive bandwidth caps. Instead, Knology has continued to use the existing caps. Not only have they kept these caps, but the data they use on their website to justify these caps (this data can be found at is from April 2007! At the time of writing this review, I pay $46.40 per month for the Silver Broadband plan, which has a bandwidth cap of 50 gigabytes per month. This week I will be switching to AT&T, which while at a slightly slower speed, does offer three times the bandwidth for half of the price.

I understand that Knology is also a cable provider, and so it has a vested interest in keeping its bandwidth caps relatively low so as not to allow many users to access streaming video content (Netflix, Hulu, etc.). This does not mean that consumers should allow the company to gouge them. I for one will be voting with my wallet when deciding what is acceptable from and Internet Service Provider, and I urge anyone reading this review to do the same.

Emily Campbell replies...

I just switched to AT&T... GREAT customer service and price! I was paying almost $80 a month for internet with 50mbds max, showed I never got above 16mbds, and constantly cutting in and out when I was streaming. Since we switched we pay $39.95 a month, and receive 18mbds and has not cut out once! The line is designated to my house so no slow times through out the day either! I love AT&T ask for Carlo at the 23rd St. location he was helpful and knew what he was doing!

Business reply Alex Hawman replies...

thebrettj, I am local employee for Knology here in Lawrence and would like to get some more information from you as to your overall experiences with the service as well as what pricing and/or promotions that you will have AT&T. Would you be able to provide us that information? We'd love to see what our competition is offering that would pull you away.

Additionally, I'd like to wrap up here with some information about our bandwidth inclusions. First and foremost, they are not caps. We do not stop nor slow your service once you reach the end of your included allotment. Instead, we charge you for the extra that you use. This allows us to keep our prices as low or lower than the national average for equivalent speeds.

Second, our bandwidth inclusions are designed to fit the needs of 95 - 96% of our users normal monthly browsing habits. Sure, there are the occasional months that users need to have just a little bit more bandwidth, but we don't prohibit them or make them change their package to accommodate that. There are also some users that attract a virus or have an open wireless network that simply do not know about their usage unless they are billed for it. In those circumstances, it allows us to reach out to the customer as an educational session. Additionally, as long as the customer has not had a credit for bandwidth usage in the past, we will credit those charges.

Lastly, we understand your sentiment that we would actively work against technology progression to delivery of video service over the internet. However, your statement is simply not true. It is specifically for this reason that we developed our Palladium internet which has no bandwidth metering. We understand that customers want to be able to watch hours upon hours of shows/movies/cat videos on Youtube, Hulu & Netflix, or listen to hours of Rdio, Pandora or the soon to be available Spotify. Palladium is designed for those customers as it is tuned for downstream usage for streaming audio/video. If we truly wanted to stifle innovation, we would not have designed that data package.

Again, we welcome an open discussion & feedback on how to make our business better in your eyes. Please feel free to respond here or email us at The address is still active and we still have a local presence responding!

mommatocharlie replies...

If you are switching from Knology to AT&T you may well be exchanging one set of aggravating problems for another worse set. I switched from AT&T last year mainly because my account was screwed up every month. I for some stupid reason went back to AT&T in December. The challenge with the billing has not changed. In fact, they bundled someone else's wireless service(three cell phones) with my home phone account. I have been told several times it's been fixed. As of this morning, I was told the same thing again. Customer service has seen a vast improvement at AT&T over last year, but i still know more than some of their CSR. Be careful what you wish for.....

Rating: 1

Emily Campbell Wow!

Confused how they can have 1.5 stars when everyone's given them 1 I to understand then that as more and more people give one star their rating will go up?

We called for service with our internet, because it keeps going in and out. The tech said, and I quote, "It's above my pay grade to know how to fix this... sorry". I about pulled my hair out! Then the company I work for had television service with them at a very good rate, and understandably so, but were recently told the price would be going up, if we kept the same package, 1500%! OR for less 60%!

AT&T here we come!

Business reply cphelps replies...

I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with your internet services.
Please DM me with your account information and I will send out a technician who can assist. Rod, our local General Manager, would like to speak with you directly regarding the rate increases that you have mentioned, please call him directly at 785-312-6998.

Rating: 1

alovell91 Wow!

Wow. Knology sure welcomed me to Lawrence.

We purchased a home in Lawrence and are closing in 3 weeks. I tried to establish service this morning and was told that they can't do anything until the current owners of the home that we are buying cancel THEIR account with Knology-- I was told this by a customer service rep and by a supervisor. Nor can they put in a ticket for someone to call me until the current owners cancel their service.

So essentially, Knology is requiring me to take time out of my day to call them several times a week to see if the current owners have cancelled their service before they will even consider establishing an account for my family. I had no issues setting up electric, water, gas, and recycling services, but nope, Knology can't even take my information, because heaven forfend that we get cable service established before we close and move into town. Looks like I will be heading to AT&T for all of my internet and cable TV needs before even becoming a Knology customer. And I thought that Time Warner Cable was bad.

Business reply cphelps replies...

I am sorry that you are having difficulties getting your Knology services connected. I want to help.
Please contact me directly at 785-312-6901 and I will assist you in getting your services connected in time to meet your move in deadline. Thank you for your patience. Christina, Knology Marketing

Rating: 1

simpleton Wow!

Impossible to get work done with service that is slow, if it is even up.

Business reply Knology_CCOC replies...

simpleton, I am currently a Call Center Supervisor at Knology here in Lawrence, Kansas. I am very sorry to hear of your issues with your Knology internet. If you are willing, I would love to speak to you in regards to the issues you have had. To keep your personal information protected you may email me at .

simpleton replies...

Hi Knology_CCOC. Lawrence Marketplace did not email me to let me know there was a reply waiting. Thanks for your interest in helping. We have a new modem, but the speed still drops drastically at odd times. Sometimes dropping many packets. So, I would imagine it wasn't (entirely) the older modem. Next time I'm in the office and it happens, I'll call again. Thanks.

Rating: 1

itsalwayssunnyinlarry Wow!

I didn't think things could get much worse after sunflower, but they did. Every month despite how early I pay the bill we have money that we owe for presumably "late fees". Our bill has gone up from $120 a month to $150 this month (October-April) . We did not change services or rent any movies. This is getting out of hand and we will be cancelling our service for AT&T this month. I'm sick of having to call the company monthly to figure out what these odd charges are and why they keep popping up. Sucks they couldn't do something good for the community either (lay offs).

Rating: 1

theeyeshaveit Wow!

I have not had to deal with the Knology customer service on my home internet or cable yet, but dealing with them for my company's business account has been an absolute nightmare! First you have to go through at least three selections to get the business services, but all those prompts still put you through to residential and they can't help you. The first time I called, no one was available to talk to me about upgrading my internet. They opened a ticket and said someone would call me back. I called again three hours later and got disconnected when they transferred me. The third time, I was told that my first ticket had been forwarded, but then closed for some unknown reason. She so nicely offered to open another ticket for me and informed me that it could be anywhere from four to twenty four hours before someone called me. Of course, now it's possible that I could wait 24 hours only to find out they closed the blasted ticket again. I wasn't aware until recently that when Knology bought out Sunflower, that they moved the customer service. The people I'm talking to are in South Dakota!! My favorite part is the recording you hear while on hold talks about how important customer service is to them. Now that this isn't a "hometown" company, I'm ready for some competition for them.

Business reply Knology_CCOC replies...

theeyeshaveit, I am currently a Call Center Supervisor at Knology here in Lawrence, Kansas. I am very sorry to hear of your experience with Knology. If you are willing, I would love to speak to you in regards to the issues you have had. To keep your personal information protected you may email me at .