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WA Restaurant

Rating: 1

Douglas_Co WA Restaurant

Don't go here! The owners are rude and the food is mediocre. When we asked them to add spice to our dishes, they brought out a tiny dish of Sriracha (less than an ounce) and charged $1.00. When I tried to talk to the owner he said, "I don't care." We've been there in the past and noticed that the servers are different every time we're there - probably because the owners are so nasty. Go to Yokahama instead. They're a thousand times nicer and the food is better!

Rating: 5

w87oak WA Restaurant

Best sushi in Lawrence! My boyfriend & I go at least once every couple weeks. I recommend sitting up at the sushi bar - the sushi chefs are very friendly & always remember us! We order one thing from the menu & ask the chef to make us something special - anything of his choice. Never been disappointed!

Rating: 5

Edwin Rothrock WA Restaurant

Had possibly the best sushi dinner I've ever had over the weekend on a date with my spouse. The super white was exceptional. Thanks Wa!

Rating: 4

LarryNative WA Restaurant

The sushi is incredible for Lawrence, Ks. I have had much worse in sushi places in big cities on both coasts. I only gave it 4/5 because I do not like all the crispy and goopy sauces they have added to their menu. I understand if Wa felt they needed to dummy down their product for the masses but a their is nothing better then their White Tuna Sashimi.