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Rating: 5

juebe Uni Computers

Went in to buy thermal paste for a new computer I was building, and they ended up just giving it to me free of charge. Very awesome experience.

Rating: 5

Kendall Simmons Uni Computers

I absolutely love UNI. They provide awesome service. The staff is fantastic. It's always the first place I think of for my computer needs, be they repairs, products, or replacements. And their prices are more than reasonable!

Check them out. No...check them out FIRST!!! You won't regret it.

Rating: 5

BaldEagle1a Uni Computers

I had my old computer repaired at UNI computers several times and they always did an excellent job at a reasonable price. Because of this positive experience I bought a new computer from UNI several months ago. They designed a computer for my specific needs and I am extremely happy with it. As with many new electronic devises I struggled through several minor issues and the staff at UNI went out of their way to help me understand and correct the problems. I strongly recommend UNI whether you are just getting an older computer repaired and/or if you are interested in purchasing a new one.

Rating: 5

cal3door Uni Computers

I had a problem with my laptop computer so I took it in to Uni computer and have it checked out. I dropped it off in the morning and I recieved a call before noon. It had a hard drive going out. They were able to replace the hard drive and have my computer up and running so that I could pick it up by close the some day. There was no extra change for the fast service. I would recommend Uni for all my computer needs.