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Third Planet Imports

Rating: 5

deadhead67 Third Planet Imports

I think this is WAAAAY better than decent. It's one of the nicest clothing stores that I've seen on Massachusetts, for a girl that is. There isn't a huge selection of clothes for men like there is for women, but that worked out perfect for me = ] and not only did they have a huge selection of fair trade clothing, but also a large selection of incense, winter gear, jewelry, and home decor. Another good thing about The Third Planet is that it has a great atmosphere! The guy working was super friendly, too! I highly recommend this store to anyone who's interested in the boho lifestyle ; ]

Rating: 3

Demerit Third Planet Imports

I think it's a decent place.

Not sure where Nicole's used to shopping, but it's not Walmart. So, probably not many "Great Value" prices there.

I spent $11 on a glazed, clay incense holder and felt pretty good with the purchase.

When I've asked for help, I received it. So, I have no complaints with the "customer service experience".

Heading off to there, now.

Rating: 2

nicole Third Planet Imports

This place has a nice variety of dresses and incense. In general they have some neat stuff but everything is overpriced. In the glass section, there seems to be an array of choices but customer service lacked a bit. Aside from the staff and high prices, this place is a fine place to get a gift but I've experienced better.