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Rating: 5

kaylaleftridge77 The Tan Company

Not only is Tan co the best tanning salon in Lawrence but their friendly customer service makes the experience even more enjoyable. Their beds are always super clean and their location is extremely convenient. I would definitely recommend Tan co to a friend!

Rating: 5

madisonb1993 The Tan Company

Tan co is by far the best tanning salon in Lawrence! I have been to a couple of others before discovering Tan co, and I wasn't nearly as impressed. Everything inside is always very clean, and the staff is super friendly. I get great color from even their lowest beds, and I would definitely recommend Tan co to a friend.

Rating: 1

johnse The Tan Company

I agree with previous comments - nice beds, good location, but awful and unprofessional business practices. The whole business is a scam. I had been tanning for a special occasion in the fall and afterwards decided to "freeze" my account. I had been told that freezing my account meant that I was paying $5 a month to keep my membership inactive and the money would be waiting in my account when I returned. Seemed like a good deal right? Wrong. When I went back this month, I was told that the money I had been paying monthly could only be used for lotions or upgrades and that I had still had to pay the month's fee to tan ($25) when I already had $25 on my account. So why couldn't I just use the balance to pay for a month? At this point, I decided this place was not worth the headache and decided to cancel my membership as I am absolutely positive that I will never return. The manager then revealed to me that I will not get any portion of my money refunded whatsoever and that it was apparently my fault for being misinformed. $25 down the drain and a waste of 20 minutes on the phone with a very ditzy employee. Moral of the story - if you tan here, be prepared to have your money pretty much stolen from you. My advice? Go to Celsius!

Rating: 5

Cali_2012 The Tan Company

Every time I go here it is very clean! In response to an earlier comment you can get ring worm from about anything so why do you assume it's from their tanning bed because I've never had an issue there. The girls who work here are very positive and knowledgable and help me chose the best lotion for me. They also know me by name which I like. I've tanned at this salon for awhile and il continue to believe it's the best in Lawrence.

Rating: 1

abc 123 The Tan Company

WARNING!! DO NOT TAN HERE!! I tanned there for a short time and would recommend anyone to tan anywhere else in lawrence but there. A short time after I started tanning there I noticed a ring-shaped rash in two different areas on my skin. I went to my doctor shortly after they started to itch and turn red to find out that it was ringworm!!! I was shocked because I have never picked up any type of fungal infection anywhere before in my life. I had a few people tell me how clean the salon was compared to other places in lawrence, BUT THIS IS OBVIOUSLY NOT THE CASE. I would URGE someone from the BOARD OF COSMETOLOGY to go and inspect the salon so it can be shut down to prevent anyone else from getting it!!!

Business reply TanCoLawrence replies...

As the owner of The Tan Company I apologize if in fact your problem was a result of my salon. The Tan Company has the very best reputation for cleanliness and customer service. We have procedures in place to always create a hospital clean environment. We detail all of our equipment regularly and thoroughly. After every session we thoroughly sanitize our equipment and rooms. That is why we have created the reputation as the cleanest salon in town. My stores have tanned over 200,000 people and I have never had an issue with cleanliness. I would really appreciate it if client "abc 123" would contact my store so I can personally speak to you about your situation.

Rating: 1

peach_plum_pear The Tan Company

This place has nice tanning beds, but their business practices are totally unprofessional. I went there to use a gift certificate, and the manager rang up my order wrong. After my card had been swiped, she claimed that she couldn't void the transaction or issue a refund to my account, which would solve the problem in seconds. Instead, I was told to wait for a refund check. When it arrived two weeks later, it was for the wrong amount. I tried to contact the owner, but discovered that he is never in the store and doesn't give his employees the authority to issue refunds. Finally, I convinced the manager to give me a cash refund. I cancelled my account, went out of town, and when I returned I found that there was a mysterious second charge from the Tan Company on my credit card, which I am still in the process of disputing. I wish I had just thrown the gift certificate away! Not worth the headache.

Rating: 5

dalena The Tan Company

By far the best in Lawrence! I bought a membership in August. I got a super deal. The store is in a great location, very clean, amazing beds and terrific girls. I get great results and I have been very happy with this salon.

Rating: 1

Pols33 The Tan Company

First of all, the hours on this page are wrong. This place changes its hours nearly everyday for a number of reasons, none of which make sense. Once I walked up to go tanning at 5:30 p.m. on a Tuesday when storms were in the forecast and a sign on the door said, "The Tan Co. is closed due to the threat of inclement weather." Right. Second, it is overpriced. Especially if you want to tan without a monthly membership. I went in with a Groupon in March or April and was disappointed they were trying to trick people into buying memberships, acting as though your Groupon wouldn't be valid unless you agreed to pay their monthly fees or start by trying out their more expensive beds. Very gimmicky, very bad hours, very rude staff. It also takes a really long time to get signed in. Which is all a shame because it is a great location and the beds are good and clean. I wouldn't waste my time going to The Tan Co., not when there are plenty of other places to tan in Lawrence.

Business reply TanCoLawrence replies...

We apologize about the hours being incorrect on here, they have been fixed. We have had to adjust our hours on a couple occasions due to being a new store & watching our session count during certain hours of the days. We do offer an array of options in terms of how our clients like to tan. As in sessions, weeks, months and multiple membership options. We do not want any of our clients to feel 'tricked' into doing the membership program but instead help them understand their options in how they can upgrade what they have purchased on groupon and get a great deal if they are interested. In terms of the staffing it has changed significantly since the store opening and we now hope that they are portraying the amazing customer service we pride ourselves in. Also now that we are not a brand new salon checking in has become easier due to the fact that everyone that is walking in does not need to start a package at that time. Again we apologize for your experiences with the hours and staff!