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Tad's Pizzeria

Rating: 5

Marcus DeMond Tad's Pizzeria

Best pizza in Lawrence. I also love Glory Days Pizza but I've been craving New York style lately and this is the best in Lawrence. I have tried them all.

Rating: 4

Sara McBride Tad's Pizzeria

Ordered this last Friday night. Even though it was a Friday, the delivery was not long at all. We ordered the 18" New York style pizza with peperoni, mushroom and Canadian bacon. We loved it. Its your typical New York style, that I hadn't had in a long time.

I saw on the specialty pizza menu that they had a BBQ Hawaiian chicken pizza which looks great. Will probably order that next.

We also ordered the cheesy garlic knots. These were great as well. Especially the garlic. The only thing I would say about these, is that the cheese was on the top. We all agreed that they tasted great, but would have been better with the cheese mixed in the knot.

Very pleased and will order again.

Rating: 5

diurnal Tad's Pizzeria

I am originally from New Jersey and I have lived in Kansas for 10 years. During those 10 years, I sampled most of the pizza places in Lawrence, hoping to find a decent pizza, but none of them lived up to my childhood memories of NY style pizza. When I heard that Tad's had authentic NY style pizza, I had to try it. I have to say, I was blown away! The crust, sauce, and cheese were all spot on! Tad's is, in my opinion, the best pizza place in Lawrence and I plan to continue to support them.

Rating: 1

ChootemLiz Tad's Pizzeria

We ordered a 18" pie and it was the worst pizza I've ever had. Just at first glance it was covered in grease (I know there will be some grease and no grease is impossible). The crust was so soggy and floppy you couldn't even pick up a slice without all the toppings sliding right off and crust ripping apart. It may have been under-cooked or it soaked so much grease it got soggy. After trying one slice I lost my appetite.

Rating: 4

klauxman Tad's Pizzeria

Great pizza - thin, crispy NY crust, but why use frozen broccoli (all stems) and canned mushrooms? Fresh veggies, please! Good luck - I wish your new business all the best.