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ABOUT US: We started out as a casual book & coffee club, which has turned into a very interesting and diverse group that does more than just read! We have become a group with many interests!

We strive to make learning a lifetime endeavor to enhance our personal and professional lives at home, at work and elsewhere!

We seek out successful solutions to the challenges of our daily lives!

We focus on opportunities that inspire, motivate, enrich and educate us!

These opportunities take place through our many events, activities, workshops, clubs, book recommendations, special guests and speakers.

Success Solutions Endeavor Club is planned and organized by members, participants and others according to their interests, gifts, talents and resources.

Participation is focused on reciprocation.

Most events & activities are family friendly!

For more info email us at or call 785-691-8831.

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  • Phone: 785-691-8831

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Success Solutions

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About Us!

We are a very interesting and diverse group involved with many endeavors!

Endeavors are planned and organized by ...

Casual Connections

Participants and members are encouraged to bring calling cards or business cards to most events as a way of casually ...


A more intense focus than our common endeavors. Join an existing club or form a new one! Just to mention ...

Hear It Through Our Grapevine!

Our own mini-classified ads focus on our common interests & needs within the group! One way to 'stimulate', 'recover', 'rescue' ...

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Success Solutions Endeavor Club

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Success Solutions Endeavor Club

Fundraisers for the club! For more info contact 785-691-8831 or email us

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Success Solutions Endeavor Club

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