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Stoneback Appliance

Rating: 5

Eileen Jones Stoneback Appliance

We've bought two major kitchen appliances from Stoneback in the past two years. The latest is a stove, an emergency purchase because our old stove died just before Thanksgiving Day. It is short notice and it is their busiest time of year, yet Stoneback is moving heaven and earth to make certain we will have a stove (a special order) on Thanksgiving Day. All that and a Black Friday price before Black Friday, too. I wouldn't even dream of getting this kind of service from a big box store. I prefer to shop at smaller, local businesses for a variety of reasons and Stoneback has reminded me why it's simply good business to do so. Stoneback has earned my loyalty.

Rating: 5

Bridget Stoneback Appliance

Our realtor recommended Stoneback when we moved to town and she definitely didn't stear us wrong! We love this team. We bought a home and needed to replace all of our appliances. They met and in most cases beat all of the competition, including the box stores on price. On service they were so far above and beyond it is without description. They even came out to the house when we were moving last month to help us out of a jam with the washer and dryer. We were sad to leave Lawrence and incredibly sad to say goodbye to this team. Our thanks to Stoneback for everything!

Rating: 3

ranger7272 Stoneback Appliance