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Starving Artists Moving

Rating: 5

IslandGal Starving Artists Moving

Great moving company. The two men who moved us where very polite, was very careful with our belongings. Was very impressed with the cost. Expected to pay more than we did. Getting ready to move again and will use this company. I highly recommend Starving Artists.

Rating: 1

cmschnettler Starving Artists Moving

DON'T use these useless people!! I hired them for a move in the past couple months. As with other reviews, the 2 guys I had, said the office over-booked them & they were very careless with my furniture & belongings loading them into the truck trying to make their next appointment. Most every piece of my furniture was either scratched, dented or ripped. This included a 63 year old antique. For the measly reimbursement this company gives you, it's not even worth making a claim. They make it quite obvious during the estimate how little you will receive for a claim, but also that it would be UNLIKLEY for their guys to damage anything. LOL. Don't waste your money. Use quality movers in the Lawrence area.

Rating: 5

OP_Person Starving Artists Moving

We hired Starving Artists Moving to load a truck that our daughter wanted to drive to her new home in Arizona. We had rented a truck that was borderline too small for the job; however, the two men who worked the job were so skilled and imaginative in the use of our limited space that everything my daughter wanted to take fitted into the truck. They padded all the necessary places, and our daughter called to say that everything arrived without a scratch. The Starving Artists workers performed quickly, efficiently, and courteously. We enjoyed meeting them; they were a pleasure to have in our home. They were polite, professional, and stayed on task. I cannot rank our experience with this company too highly. They were exemplary in every way.

Rating: 1

traveler12 Starving Artists Moving

They are an awful company. The owner's husband is a bully who overbooks clients (too many moves on the same day). They tried to re-schedule our move at the last possible moment. They complained they didn't have enough room/trucks to move our stuff, regardless, they picked our stuff up in a U-Haul. It's a good cop/bad cop routine. The owner, an older woman, comes across on the phone like a little old lady who's more than helpful. Then her husband gets involved; he's about 25 years younger than her and a big brute of a man. Bad temper, telling YOU how IT IS. Sheesh. Thankfully there are several competitors located right here in Lawrence.

Rating: 1

hawaii90 Starving Artists Moving

Worst experience of my life. I have never been treated so poorly, I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone. The move was nothing but stressful, beyond slow, and completely inefficient. They expected that I pay the worker full pay even though it was his first day on the job and he had no clue what he was doing, not to mention he ended up using my bathroom half the time since he got sick. Then the company claimed I didn't have compassion for their employee when clearly they expect their employees to work when they are sick, therefore showing their complete lack of compassion. When I move again this summer, I will not even think about calling them for an estimate. THIS WAS THE WORST MOVE- DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I have a lot of respect for those in the customer service field and this company was nothing but rude, condescending, and inefficient. It's been months since my move, and I am still very angered by the situation. Towards the end of the move, we actually had our friends come help them because they were so inefficient. Again, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY unless you want a really stressful, long, and slow move.

Rating: 1

Chad Collins Starving Artists Moving

One of the worst experiences and days of my life. I would look elsewhere.

Rating: 3

ecm5119 Starving Artists Moving

We moved in July of this year and chose this company based on a friend's experience. Everything up until moving day was. The customer service was good, the price (on paper) looked reasonable. The problem was on the day of the move. They crew was late, and they did call me after the fact, to tell me. When they arrived, there were two guys (small, gangly guys that hardly looked like they would be able to move everything in my house). Upon arriving, the one that seemed to be in charge notified me that the assistant wasn't told he was working that day so that was why they were late. They started moving and shortly thereafter the assistant, looking unwell, said he really wished he had known he was working because he wouldn't have drank so much the night before. Needless to say he was dragging (and taking lots of breaks). I appreciated the lead guy because he wasn't happy about the situation and really tried to make up for the other guy. They got everything moved, though it took longer (and cost more) than expected. The hung-over guy was so beat by the end of the move that he couldn't help bring my treadmill in so they left it on the back porch. The lead guy apologized and did offer to come back later when my husband got home to help bring it in. Nothing was broken and overall it was a success. I probably wouldn't use them again though.

Rating: 1

psofga Starving Artists Moving

(Part 1 of 2) This was one of the worst move experiences in my life. I arranged for the movers to come after I deployed to Iraq. My wife stayed to supervise the movement of our household goods from our apartment to a storage unit. The movers showed up at first without boxes, even though they were supposed to pack a large majority of the apartment. Then they scrambled to acquire boxes from a local uhaul store. They packed most of the apartment and part of the garage and made the first trip to the storage unit. My wife escorted them into the storage properties and opened our unit for them. She sat in the car with our 4 month old baby for a few minutes and watched them roughly handle the boxes that they had packed. They were sliding them down the truck ramp, stacked 2 or 3 high and heaving them up high in the storage unit. She was slightly concerned, but this is her first move and she figured that they knew what they were doing. The movers told her that she could go ahead and go back to the apartment and meet them there once they finished unloading the truck. She drove back to our apartment and waited. After a while the movers knocked on the door to get the rest of the things from the apartment and garage. She had to turn the rental car in by the time they finished, so she gave them the spare key to the storage and they told her that they would unload the truck and place the spare key in our file in Lawrence. She had friends pick her up from the car rental place and drive her to the airport. She did not have time to inspect the storage unit prior to flying from KS to GA, where she moved during my deployment. When I came home during R&R we decided to move her back to KS. The company accomodated us by leaving the spare key for us outside their office in Lawrence so we could pick it up after business hours as we were driving through. We were planning to stop by the storage unit early the next morning, prior to moving into the apartment. My wife then told me she was worried about our stuff because of the way the movers had been handling the boxes when she was watching part of the first truck being unloaded. I assured her that they were professionals and that we paid a lot of money for them to be careful with our stuff, so I was sure that everything would be fine. I had approximately 36 hours to move her back into our apartment before I had to return from R&R. Once we arrived at the storage unit that Starving Artists packed, the real nightmare began.

Rating: 1

lovelawrence53 Starving Artists Moving

actually disgusted by this company. treated me worse than any company i've ever work with! bashes on customers every chance they get (for example, just look above! bashed on that customer!!! WHAT GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! SIGN ME UP!!!!) After my absolutely awful experience, I thought I was the only one. Some of my friends told me they used them too and they were intentionally slow so they could milk the clock (for example, took every couch cushion, one at a time.. are you kidding me????) and bumped couches, tables, etc. into the walls... yeah really experienced!!! One of my friends said he called after the payment went through to ask a question, and of course after the payment went through they were so rude to him, didn't call him back for months and my friend is furious!! I have some serious problems with this company. We live in LAWRENCE, not New York, you can't treat good Lawrence citizens this way!! There are plenty of other movers in town that I have heard great things about and if this company didn't scar me on ever using a moving company again, I would use some of these others ones I've heard great things about!! And honestly, its moving furniture, not rocket science. But the thing that really got me was the lack of customer service. I won't be surprised at all when some jerk representative replies to this post and completely bashes on me like they do everyone else!! This company is disgusting and please people, if you read this I AM TRYING TO SAVE YOU!!! DON"T USE THIS AWFUL AND JUST PLAIN RUDE COMPANY!!!!!

ps If i could give this rating no stars, I obviously would.

Rating: 1

chronicpink Starving Artists Moving

SAMMoving replies...

This client threw up roadblocks from the very beginning. On the day of his move, he called less than an hour before his scheduled time to say he could not do the move until 4:00 p.m. The Operations Chief scrambled to make this happen. Prior to this day, he had called several times, not seeming to understand the charges and time involved in his move. These were explained repeatedly. The move manager was not combative; he simply was surprised to see as many items as this client had, but assured him he would not be charged a penalty for this. The client called during the move to complain about a perceived "attitude" from the movers and was concerned that they wished to hydrate during the move. He was assured that he would not be charged for the time this took. He also complained about the travel time involved in getting to the job (standardly charged by most movers) and no more than fifteen minutes in this case. The time was subtracted in order to accommodate the client's wishes. At the end of the move, the client, who had insisted his move be changed until late in the afternoon, announced he could not stay any longer, that he had to be somewhere at 6:30 and told the movers just to set the goods down (normally we place these for the client). Apparently, the $90.00 fee about which the client complains was never understood by him, in spite of the dispatcher's best efforts. It is NOT a transportation fee per se; it includes protective coverings for the client's items and also insures his goods. An owner of the company tried to explain all of these things to the client by phone; he became very agitated and finally said that he would take down this review if he received a further discount. Our company always tries to make the best of a situation on a move and in this instance, we did the very best we could under very difficult odds.

Rating: 5

Lawrence_Resident_ Starving Artists Moving

I've moved a lot inside Lawrence. Every time I hire a company for loading and unloading. These guys were the best in all my experiences.