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South Wind 12 Regal Theaters

Rating: 1

avoice South Wind 12 Regal Theaters

This movie theatre is very run-down and I think they could use some healthy competition. Most of the young people in Lawrence will go to this theatre and it's always packed, but that's just for convenience. My spouse and I prefer to go to Olathe AMC Studio 30 or The Legends Phoenix Theatres. They're not too far away and the experience is well worth the drive. Comfortable seats, clean theatres and bathrooms, wide aisles with good legroom. At Southwind, I cannot enjoy a movie that lasts more than 90 minutes because the aisles are so narrow it makes my legs hurt.

Rating: 2

traveler12 South Wind 12 Regal Theaters

They have the MOST uncomfortable seats EVER. The auditoriums are dirty and cramped, and usually the movies are out of focus. I brought some friends of mine (from out-of-town) here for a movie, and I was apologizing the whole time for how bad the seats are. The ticket prices are also really high for a small college town with lots of students.

What Lawrence needs is a really nice, modern movie theatre like the Warren Theatre in Wichita. Comfortable seats, bigger screens. I would be willing to pay MORE for tickets if it was a better moviegoing experience.