Rating: 5

smhicks Smashburger

We ate at Smash Burger yesterday evening and the service was AMAZING! The assistant manager (I wish I could remember his name) gave us the best customer service I have seen in a while. He and the other gentleman on staff both were kind, courteous, friendly and welcoming. The food was also very good. I really enjoyed the sweet potato fries. We will definitely visit Smash Burger again.

Rating: 5

Adrian Jacobs Smashburger

We tried Smashburger last week and I have to give recognition to the wonderful service we received from First Shift Manager Byron. He was kind, courteous, friendly, attentive to the guests and was really a one-man crew: working the front counter, serving the tables, wiping the tables and still finding time to greet everyone who walked through the door and to say good-bye to every guest leaving.

The food was terrific, and I appreciated the choices that were offered especially on the side items. I would like to see a veggie-burger offered but the steamed carrots and asparagus with ranch were yummy. I will say I thought overall they're a bit pricey, but I tell you I don't mind paying a little more if we're going to get excellent service like Byron delivered. We'll definitely be back!

Rating: 4

petey55 Smashburger