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Sizzors Inc. Spa

Rating: 5

DesignerChick Sizzors Inc. Spa

I've have truly enjoyed the Amazing Customer Service I have received at Sizzors !!! I love the Professionalism & Expert Knowledge! I have received numerous services, (manicures, Pedicures, massages, hair & facial services. Etc.) The prices are very reasonable for the quality services recieved!!! Throughly Pleased!! I recommended all to go there!! They are on the corner of Lawrence Ave & 6th St! I know they take walk-ins too!!!

Rating: 1

aja27 Sizzors Inc. Spa

I have never been treated worse by anyone in my life than I was by the manager of this establishment. The prices listed on their website are completely inaccurate because they APPARENTLY also charge by the half hour and by the length of your hair. If it is past your bra, expect the coloring service price to double. Even if you get an inexperienced, slow stylist, expect to pay double for the service (EVEN FOR THE HAIRCUT) if it takes longer than it is scheduled to. Expect an $80 service to actually end up costing you $200 (THAT IS NO JOKE!).

After being ripped off, expect that they WILL NOT accept anything but a debit card so the charges are nearly impossible to dispute. Then, when trying to reason with the manager, expect her to tell you that you and your mother are rude and that if you don't like the pricing then try supercuts next time. I also heard from a friend that worked there once that the manager made her work on Saturdays and then didn't pay her for her work.


Sizzorsinc replies...

Hi Alison,

I apologize you felt your experience at Sizzors was such a negative one. Our prices online and our brochures all say "subject to change." We would have been more than happy to offer you a quote based on YOUR hair, but that was never asked.

As far as the "doubling of the prices" No prices were doubled. A base price for all over long hair color is 70 dollars and that includes one ounce of color. Your hair, because of its thickness and length required more color. As far as the Haircut goes, long hair is charged 45 dollars. You also received a free brow wax simply because it was your first visit to the salon.
At Sizzors, we accept cash and credit, just like most businesses in this area.

As far as your "friend" not being paid for her work, that is an issue that should be taken up with the owner. As long as I've worked here, i've never seen an employee leave without a proper paycheck. It is also customary for an employee to work on saturdays because it is the busiest day of the week.

Again, I apologize your experience was not what you were expecting, but we would be more than happy to try and change your mind if you were to return to Sizzors Inc.

Rating: 5

JaneSweet Sizzors Inc. Spa

Love my hairWhat a great place. Everyone was friendly and Kirby did a great job on my color and cut. Love the straightner also. Thanks for everything and I always love coming to see you guys. Even in new York I don't get taken care of like you all do here. Oh got on your webste love the new commercial. See you soon Jane

Rating: 1

lve2swim3 Sizzors Inc. Spa

It is sad that I have to put 1 star for this Salon. I wish I could have put 0. I have had nothing but negative experiences with this Salon and their staff with the exception of 1 visit several months ago, so I guess that can be their one star. I am livid after receiving a rather rude email from whomever runs their email list. It can be read as follows: "You have to unsubscribe they are automatic. You don't have to be rude that may have been your problem.

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Not only did this rude email get sent to me after my asking them to take me off their email list due to the fact that I wont be visiting their establishment again, their website is unreliable and lists services for which they do not follow through with offering, even after making a KIND complaint/inquiry about why I did not receive a service listed under their "facial" section of their website, and paying 85$ for it!? The lady I spoke to on the phone then, Kirby, was rude and said that their website was incorrect and basically told me "tough luck." Then a few weeks later I receive a postcard in the mail stating that I could come in for a "free 60 minute facial" with some sort of extra "scrub" tacked on to it, FOR FREE. However when I made the appointment I was told this was a 'mistake' and that it was not for a free facial, just the extra 'scrub.' SERIOUSLY!?!? I am nothing short of looking into reporting this business for unfair practices as well as rude, incompetent service. It is infuriating that these women would treat a paying customer in such a way.

Please do yourself a favor and go to Z's hair academy, or Beauty Brands where you will receive honest, good quality service for a cheaper price.

Sizzorsinc replies...

Hi Megan,

When we talked before, we apologized for the misunderstanding. Our Cosmetologists and Estheticians go though our files and send out many coupons when we have not seen a client in awhile.

At the time, our stylist offered a FREE body scrub with a purchase of a facial. As we told you we are sorry for the inconvenience of the situation. We DO admit we made a mistake, but also feel that when writing hundreds of handwritten cards to clients, a mistake or two happens. It is unfortunate you were on the receiving end of the mistake, but when you booked the appointment you were informed immediately of the error. I feel as though your frustration is being blown slightly out of proportion for the mistake. We are always willing to work with our clients if they feel their service was unsatisfactory. We feel that offering a FREE service with a purchase of a service is not a "unfair practice".

We appreciate your feedback. We would love the opportunity to change your mind and have you back into the salon for services.