Rating: 1

98jeepster Sign d'sign

if you want fast help yes... but if you want friendly service NO!!!! I went here for a sheet of magnetic sheeting wanted it 24x24 and I asked to borrow a tape measurer which he obliged me with came back inside after I double checked my measurement and said theyd work fine for me the man I believe to be the owner went in back and cut my material came back and asked me cash or credit, I said cash he said 25$ obviously he wasn't charging tax which I had no issue with and as he was counting my change I asked for a receipt so I could get my money back from my store I work at ... his reply ... well no I cant cause I didn't charge you tax and I said well don't you have just a business card you could sign and put the amount on for me... he said no cause it has my name on it and then he simply said well you can right your own receipt or I can charge you tax.... its the principle of the thing in this case your a business and when a customer asks for a receipt you should provide one whether you charged or didn't charge tax.. the manner in which he held himself was just something that pissed me off to say the least and I will and would not recommend sign d sign to anyone!

Rating: 5

Walter Sign d'sign

Sign D'sign is the only place we'll use for signage and business cards. Their design for our signs was better than I imagined. They helped us take a simple business card and turn it into a valuable and long-lived promotional piece that works. I find them to be very valuable advisers to talk with about not just these items, but promoting and working in a small business.

Rating: 5

Smokie Sign d'sign

Sign d Sign was a wonderful place to get all my signage done. They were friendly and very helpful. They have affordable business cards, that are wonderful. The work they did for me was fast and near perfect. I had them put digital graphics on my truck and it looked very very nice. I would recommend people who are just starting their business to contact them. They can help with all areas of the business. I highly recommend this sign company.

Rating: 1

krwwebb Sign d'sign

the worst service ever and so very unprofessional

I walked in to get some prices and was greeted by a huge dog that proceeded to jump onto me and put his feet on my shoulders all while the owner of the dog stood in the back of shop text messaging and did nothing about her hound. As I stood there with her dogs nose up my crotch she approached me without taking her eyes off her phone. She proceeded to stop in front of me, not take her eyes off her phone and do nothing about her dog. When she was finally done with her texting she asked me what i wanted and as soon as a man wanked in the door she said "he can help you".

The dog continued to jump all over him until he had to yell at her to get the dog off him. I should have left immediately but didn't want to appear rude so I stayed to ask for the pricing i needed. I asked for a price sheet he said he didn't have one. We chatted for a little bit and I couldn't help but feel as if this guy was just a jerk. .

Do business owners not get that some people are allergic to animals and they don't want your dogs jumping all over them when they walk in the door.

Smokie replies...

You do not know what you are talking about. They are a great sign company. If you had trouble it was you.

FWK replies...

I think that dog may belong to their daughter. The office dog is Scrappy; he is a great dog.

Of course, everyone doesn't enjoy office dogs & cats. For this reason, I don't bring "office kitty" in until my slower time of the year.

Concerning pricing, I have found them to be reasonable. I get the "how much" question all of the time. My work depends on how much detail the client brings in & how well organized the client is. How do I know the answer to these questions over the phone? I've often wondered if these people ask their MD how much will it cost?