Sand Castles Inc.

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Sand Castles Inc

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Sand Castles, Inc. provides specialized advocacy, educational and counseling services designed to help you manage and/or resolve the problems in your life. We promise to assist you with consistent, dependable and honest services.

Personal Advocacy & Care Services:Case Management: Management for Independent Living - Sand Castles, Inc. staff provide a strong voice for advocacy and consistency in managing daily life. People who need assistance in maintaining independent living can turn to Sand Castles, Inc. for help. Guardianships: Advocacy & Support - Legal Guardianship provides protection and security for individuals of all ages who can not advocate or otherwise manage their own life. Autism/Aspergers: "Hope Approach" & Family Support

Counseling Services:Life Coaching: Personal guidance and support in exploring options for success in your life.Counseling: Problem solving approach to assist you find effective ways to make life changes.Career: Resume and career path planning to "Get That Job!"

Educational Advocacy, K-12 Private School, Business Seminars:Educational Advocacy: Plans for Student SuccessSand Castles Academy: Virtual School CurriculumIntegrity Now! Educational and Motivational Seminars

Publications:Books/EBooks: SandCastles and Sunsets - 1st Edition! - BUY

Over 15 years of trusted and reliable local service!