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Horrible Customer Services. Rude and unprofessional Hairstylist!!! Very uncomfortable atmosphere. Not kid friendly!!! My stylist was great, friendly and very helpful, so we decided to keep coming back in hopes that things would change. After a year of this, I am sick of this kind of treatment we continue to receive and will NEVER return to this salon again!!! I would not recommend this place!!!

Ive had multiple hairstyles scold my school aged kids while I stood there watching my children. On our first visit to the salon my kids had been playing with one of the very few toys they had out. The hairstylist thought that they were talking and playing too loud and it was distracting. Let me add that anyone that has set foot in this salon knows that when someone just talks normal, as my kids had been doing, there is a eco and besides that each time there has been maybe one other client in the salon. Anything would sound loud in this place. So then, the hairstylist asked them very rudely to put away the toys. When we returned to the salon, ALL 3 of their toys had been removed. We made sure to bring our own entertainment, iPad, so that was fine.

On a different occasion, we decided to use another girl since our normal girl was booked and we needed our haircut. My daughter choose to sit next to my son while he got his haircut. There was no other clients in the salon and the girl didn't tell her she couldn't, so we thought it wasn't a big deal. My daughter started twirling in the chair, I did not think this was a problem. She wasn't harming anything or one and was keeping quite. Very rudely yet again, the hairstylist that was cutting my sons hair, turned and looked at her with a nasty look and told her to stop. She could of asked kindly and she would of stopped no problem. Instead I asked her to come sit with me in the waiting area, she did as told with no problem.

On this same day, later on, we had another girl give my kids the evil eyes, while following us around, making rude comments under her breathe. My kids and I had been following our hairstylist as she was showing and offering us the different products. The kids were right next to us the whole time and were playing, rock paper scissors, I guess she thought it was distracting and loud. I didn't think so and neither did our hairstylist. When I went to pay, I made sure I told the receptionist about what had happened. While I was talking to the receptionist the girl that I was complaining about, left her client, just to sit underneath the cut out window to listen in on what I was complaining about. In conclusion, I would not recommend this place if you have children!!!

I will be sure to pass the word around to EVERYONE I know!!!

Business reply sdimarco replies...

Mrs Kristie Harper,

We are sorry you feel this place is not kid friendly. Our first and foremost priority is to ensure the safety of our clients regardless of age, so when a child starts twirling around in a styling chair, it is our responsibility to ask that such behavior ceases if the parent doesn't make such request first. Twirling around in a styling chair can cause injuries and or destruction of property, not to mention stress on other clients that have come here to be pampered and expecting a relaxing atmosphere.

Video recordings of the day of your visit (which are available for review by anyone that wishes to see them) show a different picture of what you are saying. It shows your children knocking down retail products from several areas, one of your children being tackled down to the ground by another one of your children, and noone following you around. It shows our stylists coming to the waiting area (located behind the receptionist) to greet their next clients and taking them back to their stations, and it shows other stylists walking to the receptionist area once their services were completed.

Once again, please accept our apologies, and we will take blame for asking your children to stop misbehaving. We should have talked to you first and asked you to do so. That is our mistake and we will make sure it doesn't happen again.

Carlos & Jacquelyn Castillo


Salon Di Marco & Day Spa

785 843 0044

Rating: 5

cameroncrane Salon Di Marco & Day Spa

I wouldn't go anywhere else!

I have been going to Salon di Marco for four years now. Every time I go to Salon di Marco I am greeted by all of the employees and they continue to make me feel at home. I see Sarah for all of the services I get such as; hair, nails, eyebrows, etc. Every time I walk into Salon di Marco the experience is fantastic and I know that they will take care of me. The employees and owners at Salon di Marco are always extremely kind and helpful.

Rating: 1

pinkflamingo Salon Di Marco & Day Spa

My haircut experience with Josef at Salon DI Marco was so awful I went home and cried! If I were able, I would literally not leave my house for the next 2 months until this grows out. Despite telling him what I wanted, I left with a bowl cut that was significantly shorter than what I requested and shapeless beyond imagine.

To add the the matter, he insulted me multiple times before I left advising me to "go buy a hat" among other things.

This man is truly awful. Save your money and get a haircut elsewhere.

Business reply sdimarco replies...

First of all, I would like thank you for taking the time to comment about the bad experience you had this past Sunday with Josef. I would like to apologize on behalf of all of us at Salon Di Marco for what you went thru. We'll be dealing with Josef shortly so anything remotely close to what you describe above never happens again. I hope you give us the opportunity to have someone else correct the haircut and show you that what happened last Sunday was indeed a one-time occurrence, instead of the norm.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly so we can do everything in our power to make sure you're satisfied.

Carlos & Jackie Castillo
Salon Di Marco and Day Spa
(785) 843-0044

Rating: 5

Jessica Schilling Salon Di Marco & Day Spa

Salon Di Marco is great! Everyone listens and has great ideas to help you look and feel your best. Sheri is my favorite!