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Saddlebrook Townhomes - First Management Inc.

Rating: 1

amberw Saddlebrook Townhomes - First Management Inc.

Dirty! HORRIBLE maintenance and if you want to call someone - forget it! They will never answer you. We needed temporary housing in Lawrence between when we sold our house and had yet to find a new one. Saddlebrook seemed perfect but would be a nightmare. First of all, we never had a move in inspection, we never received a copy of our apartment lease (they would get that to us 'later.) After having moved in we reported multiple issues at the complex and apartment. People would break into the pool at all hours, nothing would be done. The ADA ramp at the pool we needed, was never fixed, the bathroom at the pool, never cleaned or stocked (so gross) the pool? Never cleaned though we called even when frogs invaded it. The apartment? In poor condition - the rug was never shampooed before we moved, we finally paid to have it done and pulled up years of dirt and grit out of it. Window had flaking paint and most of the windows didn't lock properly. At one point the garage was leaking and called it in, came to look at it, never came back. The maintenance at the apartment is a joke but none more than trying to find someone at the office. No one is ever there, no one will ever return your calls despite how many times you call them. We found a house and were luckily able to leave. And your deposit? After three months of calling and getting the run around - don't expect to get it back. They didn't have the right amount we paid, had costs that weren't in the contract put on the bill (charge for invisible carpet cleaning went from $75 to $150) and other charges with NO explanation deducted off. Someone should seriously investigate what is really going on at this apartment complex. I'm still trying to figure out how we were only in the apartment for ten days in December and yet our water bill for December was higher than November! And the fact that our new home - twice the size of this apartment is one third the water bill cost! The city says it checks out but I'm starting to suspect this apartment complex has a few people's apartments hooked up to that one unit's bill! Terrible experience!