Pyramid Pizza 785-842-3232

Visit website 1029 Massachusettes St., Lawrence, KS 66044 Opens today at 11 a.m.

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  • Phone: 785-842-3232

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Rating: 1

kufan1146 Pyramid Pizza

Wow. The service in this restaurant is absolutely miserable. I've worked in food service and understand that sometimes things take time, but when you're behind, you always inform the customer what's going on! I waited in the store for an hour on a pizza I was told would take ten minutes. When I finally flagged down an employee about 30 minutes in to waiting, she scowled at me and told me they were busy and it would be five more minutes. 25 minutes later... they handed me two pizzas. Notice above I only ordered one. Yeah, not gonna correct them on that problem. The good news is that the pizza was good!

Rating: 1

publicdefender Pyramid Pizza

Going downhill fast! That's a quick summary of my latest experience with Pyramid Pizza. Ordering on phone went okay, delivery was reasonable, but from this point on things got bad. They screwed up my order in two ways. Forgot to send half my order and the other half was not what I ordered. I called and complained. Talked to the "shift manager" and she agreed that my order was not right and the driver would bring the correct items out. She called back 5 minutes later and said that she talked to the driver and what I was given was correct. At this point, I had enough and told them to forget it.

This alone will get a business onto my Never-Use-Again list, but what topped it all was the food that I got was awful! Needless to say, I will not be ordering from Pyramid Pizza again!

Rating: 2

MISTERTibbs Pyramid Pizza

Disappointing lunch time buffet. Poor pie selection and extremely weak "salad bar".

If it is Pyramid Pizza you desire, buy a whole pie yourself and get what you want. If you want a pizza and salad bar buffet, you are better off going to Godfather's or even (gag) Pizza Hut.

Rating: 4

Lawrence_Resident_ Pyramid Pizza

Good pizza!