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Professional Moving & Storage

Rating: 5

JSopha Professional Moving & Storage

I cannot speak for the other reviewers but I can tell you these guys were very professional and we had no real damage to speak of. And boy are they hard workers! These guys showed up and kicked butt. They were patient when asked to move items in a particular way and they were fast - even though we had them move two households worth of furniture and boxes. The was not lolly gagging around to waste time (which was nice since we paid by the hour) and the guys were super friendly and polite. Will definitely call them if I ever need them again.

Rating: 5

gaemckay Professional Moving & Storage

These guys were awesome! We had some huge pieces of furniture and woodworking power tools. They also had to navigate a lot of doorways to move some pieces to a basement workshop. They could not have done a better job. Very polite and professional. Never complained. And not a scratch on my furniture. I would highly recommend Morris and his crew!

pmsmoving replies...

Thanks for your business.

Rating: 5

KathyBechtel Professional Moving & Storage

I had reservations after reading some of these reviews but after talking with Bobby about my concerns my husband and I hired them to move us out of state. My experience with the guys from PMS was excellent. Morris and his team were very professional, treated us with great respect and never complained once about the heavy furniture, hundreds of boxes they had to move or the frigid temperatures the day we loaded up.

I had things at my shop that needed to be moved as well, requiring a second stop with the truck, and they did it quickly and efficiently without it costing an arm and leg. I was sad that I may have to leave some furniture behind but Morris worked out some space on the back of the truck and made a second trip to the shop to load it up. I was thrilled with the attitude and desire to please.

Trey, Dominic, Shane, Colton and Shawn were a top notch crew and they worked hard! Morris and the guys arrived a truck and a half later and nine hours away with hardly anything broken or damaged, even though we packed ourselves. The guys took good care of our things, wrapping furniture, carefully packing specialty items and protecting the house on the load out and our new house on the other end.

We will definitely recommend Professional Moving and Storage to anyone looking to make a long-distance move. Thanks, Bobby, Morris and crew for giving us the best customer service! Kathy and Tom B.

Rating: 1

kudoc1433 Professional Moving & Storage

If you care about your furniture and other belongings, I would not use this company. They did not protect our wooden furniture, causing massive damage... scratches and large chips. The person they sent for repairs sprayed 3 cans of varnish on my our nursery furniture, completely ruining it ($2500). Not only did it look terrible, the furniture and entire nursery were covered in VOCs. (I was told he was simply going to fill in the scratches and spot stain the damage. And, yes, he did not bother to move the furniture out of the room to spray. The house smelled so bad I had to leave. When the guy left he said, "I've never been so high.") When I called the owner, Bobby, to discuss, he would not answer and never returned my calls/messages.

Now, that was just one story about our wood furniture. They also failed to wrap our cloth furniture in sani-shield (quoted in basic package), charged us for mattress boxes that were never used, and failed to protect our wood floors when moving, resulting in multiple scratches. We paid them $3000 to pack all of our belongings, yet I found my rocking chair pillows thrown on top of the mower, covered in oil, and multiple pesticides in our stroller. Some of our decorative items were thrown in a trash can with the weed trimmer. They lost the legs to our master bed and items from one of our closets. I found some boxes that belonged to another family, yet am unable to return them as no one will return my calls. Finally, the movers were not respectful and complained about the number and weight of our items multiple times.

I've moved multiple times with several different companies and have never encountered such incompetence. There is a reason the Better Business Bureau gives Professional Moving and Storage an "F." Do not use this company.

Rating: 5

kueddie Professional Moving & Storage

I have used this company several times, big jobs, little jobs, and each time they were very professional, cost wise very reasonable, no breakage and the move went off on time. When one hires a moving company you ask friends etc who they recommend and Professional Moving and Storage was always the answer. Never heard they broke stuff, not on time etc. When I move again (hope I don't have to) I will call them and also recommend them.

Rating: 5

lkeating Professional Moving & Storage

With the limited storage area in our home we needed a place to store a number of containers and furniture that we weren't currently using. Professional Moving and Storage walked me through their various options (size and climate controls) and suggested the correct unit for my needs. With easy (6AM-10PM) access to the unit via my own code I can access the unit on my own schedule. I would strongly recommend Professional Moving and Storage for any storage (or moving) needs you may have.

Rating: 5

silverdawn Professional Moving & Storage

Exellent Job! They moved a hot tub for me, it was very heavy and a brutal job; they did it anyway. I paid them extra because they earned it.

Rating: 1

Lawrence_Resident_ Professional Moving & Storage

My dresser top was scratched horribly. They also tried to blame me. After admitting fault they had it fixed by someone who made it look worse than when it had a scratch on it.

Rating: 1

KU2000 Professional Moving & Storage

Where do I begin.... Do I start with their constant complaining about the weight of my furniture? Or how they broke my entertainment center and tried me blame me for it? They caused a lot of damage to my house and my property. They wanted one of their "people" to fix the damage. No thanks. In short, I would never recommend these people to anyone.