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Pella Windows of Kansas

Rating: 5

John Harman Pella Windows of Kansas

Love my Pella Windows this Winter! The installation by Complete Window and Restoration Services and recommendation of these Designer Windows have been a great addition to my home. My heating bills have been lower and my front room has been very comfortable to sit in this winter! I would recommend these folks.

Rating: 1

Loxoceles Pella Windows of Kansas

I needed estimates for a window and patio door so I called up the Pella owner off 6th street. I told him what estimates I needed and how I needed them broken down and that I needed them ASAP. He said ok and scheduled a time to come out. He arrived, did the measurements and left. A couple days later I got an estimate. However, the estimate was basically a dollar amount for replacing both items, nothing else. It didn't tell me how much the window or door was, what kind of window or door I'd be getting, whether they were Energy Star rated, how much for labor, etc. So I called him up and asked if he could send me something more detailed as the estimate he provided was no good to me. "I sent you all I have to" he replied. "I won't send anything else without a signed contract". Hmm, that's an odd response I thought. "Well, could you at least send me an estimate showing how much the door and the window cost separately?" "Sure, I can do that". I waited...and waited. A couple weeks went by so I called and left a message for him to call me back. A few more days went by so I e-mailed him. No response. I called again and actually got him. I reminded him of our conversation and politely asked if he could send me what he promised. Sure, I'll get that out to you. A few more days went by. I e-mailed him with a read receipt confirmation and I got a reply that he'd read it. No response.

Basically the guy wasted a few weeks of my time. I would also note he doesn't show up on the Better Business Bureau even though he links to it on Google Maps. There are other Pella companies listed but none for his particular business (hoping to trick consumers who don't look very hard at the company's address perhaps?). Maybe he does good work but the fact that he dismissed me so readily and has no other references other than one positive review on Angie's list a few years ago makes me suspicious the guys just after a quick buck. Better to go with a box store--at least they will treat you like a person and you won't have to worry there won't be a Home Depot in a couple years to complain to if you start having problems with your new windows leaking.