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black_butterfly Old Navy

My daughter and I went into Old Navy last week to look for some boots. We spend a good 10 minutes looking for the boots, then at the boots and I stated that I wonder if these are the only boots they have. We were standing literally four feet from an employee named Amy. She was refolding shirts at a table. I looked her way. She pretended to be very busy and said nothing to us. She totally ingored us so I figured she must be pretty busy. A few minutes later a couple walked by and she IMMEDIATELY and cheerfully said to them, "Hello folks, can I help you find anything?" I made a comment about us standing there looking for something and her not responding. I then asked her what her name was. She told me. Someone needs to tell Amy to treat ALL customers the same! Usually employees are very friendly and helpful at Old Navy so I was quite shocked and disappointed. Amy cost Old Navy one sale that day (At least).