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Rating: 1

thatonegirlfromkansas New Era Roofing

More than just terrible work. These guys are the whole package, poor customer service, poor work and DISHONEST. We had our back roofline replaced with them, and spend thousands of dollars. It wasn't a good experience as they often didn't show up when they said they would, and the person they sent to do our interior work was rude. We had additional problems and they wouldn't return my calls so I finally called another company. When the other company got on our roof they found New Era had folded regular shingles over along the back ridgeline, rather than using proper ridgeline shingles. When confronted they accused the other company of lying. I GOT ON THE ROOF MYSELF and called New Era from the roof after seeing with my own eyes what they had done. Only then did they agree to come out and fix it. Even then they speculated that "maybe your handyman got up there and did that." Unbelievable. Yes, my handyman, who has never been on my roof, got up there, pulled off properly done shingles, and put on incorrect shingles. Would have meant something to me if they had at least admitted their mistake rather than repeatedly lying after the fact. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

Rating: 5

Earl75 New Era Roofing

We were in the market for a roof we called a couple local contractors out. Beau with New Era Roofing came out explain the process he did everything he said he would . Very Prompt and Professional Service. I also own multiple other rentals i'll definitely will be using them again.

Thanks Earl

Rating: 1

tiffany66046 New Era Roofing

VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. I called them on Thursday morning and had to leave a voice message because nobody picked up. Called me back on Friday and set up an appointment for Tuesday morning. I waited the whole day and nobody showed up. I thought that maybe they are busy and even though they missed the appointment time they'll probably will show up later before the day end. I was wrong. I wasted my whole day. I am a very busy person who had to rearrange all of my schedule just for this appointment. I tried to be very understanding and call them the following day (had to once again leave a voice message) about my miss appointment and if they can call me back to reschedule another appointment. They never called me back! I don't know how good they are at what they do but I rather go to another company than deal with PEOPLE WHO HAVE LITTLE RESPECT FOR THEIR CUSTOMER. AT LEAST HAVE THE DECENCY TO CALL ME and let me know they were busy and couldn't make the appointment that day or the following day and I would have understood, especially when I left another voice message about my missed appointment. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND this company to anyone. I am a person that value people/company who show respect and decency to their customer and this is not a company that demonstrate this!