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Montana Mike's Steakhouse

Rating: 2

Becky Finger Montana Mike's Steakhouse

Usually I don't have bad things to say about places. I understand that jobs are harder in the back than they appear to the customers. That being said, my past two experiences with Montana Mike's haven't been good. The first time, I was dining in with my family and my sister's shrimp was cold when she got it while my steak, which I asked for medium well, had to be sent back at least twice to get cooked properly and by the time I got it, it was way too tough to be consumed. However, the manager and waitress offered us free desserts. The second time, I asked for a well done steak again. It was completely rare. I personally find no reason for something like that to happen twice in a row. The customer service has been good, but the food quality needs to improve drastically.

Rating: 2

pstroble2001 Montana Mike's Steakhouse

'A friend and I ate at Montana Mikes on Saturday July 23, 2011. It was about 3:00 pm, the manager was very nice and accommodating, our waiter was on the ball. I was disappointed by the food though. We both ordered the special which was a 16 oz. T-bone with two sides. I ordered it med-well, when it came it was more bone and fat than meat, it was cooked ok, but was hard to eat, a little rubbery my friend didn't have a lot to say, which is unusual because when he enjoys his meal he does not hesitate to say it to anyone. When I first discovered Montana"s I really enjoyed it, but the last couple of times I've left wondering why come back, the quality seems to have left. I've eaten at Longhorn, their San Antonio 12 oz sirloin is great, looks like that's where I head to next time or The Topeka Steak House is pretty good too. Anyway I just wanted to vent my dissatisfaction and like anyone else when I drive over from Leavenworth, Kansas, I just want my money's worth and enjoy my trips out.