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Rating: 1

KawRiva Mobile Locksmith

PREDATORY BUSINESS PRACTICES - I called to have this company meet my son to create a new ignition key. The tech created a key for the door (we did not need this) and said he could not create one for the ignition. My son was charged $130.00+ for a key he did not need. I called the tech and he chose to cast the blame on a 'kid' instead of taking any personal responsibility. The tech did not take the time to assess the situation yet insisted on payment for creating the wrong key. I own a small business. We would not thrive as we do if we treated our customers like we were treated by this company. Sunday January 26th, 2014.

DTD replies...

Doubt it. Great company. Great people. Unbelievable....literally.

Rating: 5

Leslie Soden Mobile Locksmith

I have a pet sitting company so have been getting housekeys copied here for the last 6 years. they always do a great job and the new key always works!

Rating: 1

NewbieGardener Mobile Locksmith

I tried to get a copy of my scooter key made here. Since they didn't have the correct key, I ordered one from another locksmith who deals with Honda scooters and brought it in. They botched the copying job and made the key too thin. Instead of offering to replace the blank key (which cost $10), they just offered $1.90 for the value of the copying job. Not recommended.