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Midwest Tow & Recovery

Rating: 1

MrUniverse Midwest Tow & Recovery

BEWARE!!! They towed my car about 5 miles and had it for around 4 hours the price they charged was $235 cash only. Their bill wasn't the issue it was the money they stole out of my car that I am upset about. If for some reason this company tows your car remove everything of value.
How does a business not take credit cards or have their location on Google maps in 2018.

Rating: 1

Ken Lassman Midwest Tow & Recovery

No stars. These folks engage in predatory towing in the student section part of town. My son got his car caught on a telephone pole cable, the Midwest guy appeared out of nowhere, offered to help out, then after a 5 minute sideways pull, demanded $175 cash, saying that insurance would pay for it. Nothing about what it would cost before demanding the money. These guys are jerks: keep an eye out for them.