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Midwest Property Management

Rating: 1

TrH79 Midwest Property Management

PLEASE READ!!!! DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!! BEWARE!!!! If I could give them negative stars I would. There is something really shady about these people, and this company. When trying to apply for a home, I received many different stories. Different deposit quotes!? SLUM is all I can say!!!! They want your money, quite a bit of it..... but they do not want to clean the home before move in!???? I have rented for 20 years!! 20 years!!! And I have NEVER come across a company that refuses to clean up the home in between tenants. Needless to say we will not be renting from this company. Honestly, I am still in shock!!!!! Because I would have given them the dollar amount they were asking for. (Even though it was an outrageous amount.) I would have given them the fees. But to not even prepare the home for a new family????? To be expected to move in with broken blinds.... dirty walls, dirty tubs, dirty toilets, dirty appliances.... and unclean dirty, smelly carpets....... also, the upstairs ceiling was falling in!!!!! Yeah, no thank you!!!!! SERIOUSLY RUN LIKE I HAVE!!! DO NOT LET THIS COMPANY SCAM YOU!!!!!!

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Rating: 1

Sarah Binder Midwest Property Management

The WORST place to rent from we moved into our house in 2014 and it was FILTHY, no cleaning and painting had been done it was so bad we had to leave our furniture in the front yard until we had cleaned, in the 2 years we have been here we have put in over 300 work orders and only 15 have been completed, everything from plumbing issues to no air conditioning, when we called maintenance they laughed and said it was not their problem and for us to figure it out, their office staff are rude and unprofessional this company is down right lazy and all they want is your money, make sure you take pics upon move in and move out!!!

Rating: 5

jayhawk842 Midwest Property Management

Great experience!

Rating: 1

acote2014 Midwest Property Management

I remember reading these same reviews and overlooked them because I figured I could deal with any problems that were to be expected. I was WRONG! Midwest Property Management took my money and lead me on for almost a month until I was turned down.Midwest SCAMMED me for about three weeks straight. I applied for a unit and for the next three weeks I kept checking in, almost every day, to see if I had been approved. When I called them WEEKS after I turned in the necessary forms their excuse was that they were having trouble contacting my co-signers (parents) employer. Finally once that was taken care of I heard back from them the next morning saying the unit had already been taken, after I had called them daily and paid the necessary fees. They then tried dodging the problem and instead offered to look at alternative places. I am now looking into taking legal action. No matter how desperate for a place you are, do NOT give these people your business. Even if you find your dream place for $150 a month from these people you will still regret it. If a unit is too good to be true, IT IS! If you are still not swayed, be prepared and have a backup plan. Do not put all your faith in one unit because there might be a good chance that it will be taken out from under you.

Rating: 5

al454 Midwest Property Management

I currently rent from Midwest and it has been a great experience! I've only had one maintenance emergency (at 10PM with family visiting) and they made it over within 30 minutes! On a Friday night! The apartment was clean when I moved in, and I've never had issues with noise or pests. I have absolutely no complaints, and always recommend MPM to friends in the area

rshrout replies...

I have also had a great experience for nearly 4 months. I am subleasing for now but the staff at Midwest have been very good to me.

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Nautalisk Midwest Property Management

This has hands down been the worst renting experience I've had in Lawrence. For the specifics:

  1. The Lease was EXTREMELY aggressive, and is designed to be manipulative of first-time renting college students. They WILL slam you with charges and try and sneak in fines without notifying you. .
  2. They NEVER notify you of any fees/fines you incur (this includes late fees), and if they do choose to, it'll cost you $25. I made that mistake. .
  3. Their accounting ledger for our apartment is a NIGHTMARE. They randomly throw charges and credits all over the place so you have no idea what has paid for what, or where the fines were coming from. We found multiple errors in our ledger that saved us a lot of money. .
  4. Their maintinence is terrible. They never checkup on their apartments. You have to do most of it yourself. .
  5. One big example of the secrets they don't tell you about their shoddy properties: In our apartment, we learned the hard way that our pipes freeze ALL THE TIME because of a horrible construction error. They ended up having to cut HUGE holes in our basement wall... which became the home for a few bats. THEN, we had to start using a space heater that they provided, but with which they failed to tell us that it was a 2000 Watt heater that raised our electric bill by $200. We live in a $725/mo apartment. Our electric bill was $300. They claimed that it was our responsibility to keep the space heater on even though it was their construction mistake.

Do not rent from this company. Please, please, PLEASE save yourself.

Rating: 1

PC2014 Midwest Property Management

I could spend hours going over my complaints with this company but it would just rehash what others have said in the comments. Look, Midwest has cheap apartments and the managers are pretty much a slight step above slumlords, but you may find your self in a position where it's all you can afford (like myself) so let me give you some advice if you are thinking about moving here: - Be prepared for additional fees that they are not honest about upfront, including wash/dry fee, insurance fee, ect. Also, don't expect to get your deposit back, you will never get your deposit back no matter how clean and considerate you are. - Be prepared to clean your own apartment when you move in. Try to bring a few friends/family members with you because you will need to scrub the entire apartment. - When you move in and find your apartment with maintenance problems (there will be), make sure the Midwest personnel know and that YOU write it down. From then, Midwest has two weeks to fix the problems and they DON'T have to call you before they come into your apartment to fix it. Chances are they will do it while you are at work and 'forget' to fix certain things. After this has happened, call twice everyday and complain and moan until everything is fixed. It may take you several days of calling to make it happen. - Document everything. For example, when you turn in your lease or renewal, make sure you write down when you did it and who you gave it to (they actually lost my renewal lease and started showing my apartment even though I renewed). - If you have a friend who is a handy man- you'd be better off just paying them to fix minor things in your apartment. It will get done quicker and actually get fixed. - If you ever need something fixed, be prepared to call everyday for a week. I've even taken to going to their office directly everyday until whatever is fixed. You will need to be hands on and may even need to threaten lawsuit to get issues dealt with (even serious ones). - Despite the fact you'll never see your deposit again, make sure you do clean your apartment before you leave. Midwest will jump at the chance to charge you fees after you have moved out. The goal of moving out isn't to get your deposit back, it's to NOT receive fees. - Invest in good insect repellant/traps, you apartment will likely have spider and bug infestations. Don't count on Midwest to fix this.

So if you must live for Midwest, be prepared because dealing with them is a chore.

Rating: 1

jayhawker2017 Midwest Property Management

Easily the worst experience I've had with housing at KU. For starters, when we moved in the house was disgusting (dirt, dust, cobwebs, stains, you name it) even though they said they would clean it beforehand, so as a trade-off they told us we wouldn't have to clean when we moved out. Turns out they conveniently "lost" the check in paper where they wrote that down and we were charged outrageous amounts for cleaning and to replace things that we didn't even have to begin with (we were charged for drip pans on our drip pan-less gas stove). On top of that, I had to prove several times that I DID in fact pay my rent, because clearly they were more concerned with depositing the money than keeping track of where it came from. Outside of the money issues, MPM was still terrible. We had to call many times to file a maintenance claim and it would take them weeks to follow up. If you ever think your significant other is bad at communicating just give midwest a call and they will prove you wrong. I have yet to get a straight answer from them regarding my account and I moved out over 2 months ago. And they find it entertaining to clip on extra charges and late fees if you're not consistently asking to see a spreadsheet-- because apparently my roommate and I still owe more than our combined rent due to "cleaning charges". It does not take $653 to sweep and wipe down a mirror. Oh did I mention they charged us a new light fixture? No we didn't break it, it worked fine.

MPM also makes you write reviews out of anger and use bad grammar. There's no winning by renting with MPM. Don't do it. Just don't.

jayhawker2017 replies...

OH and we had mice. Lots of mice.

Rating: 1

Judithharris7587 Midwest Property Management

I have to echo the sentiments of the other reviews on this site. I have rented with many different companies in Lawrence, and I have never had any issues. But Midwest Property Management is without question the worst management company in Lawrence.

For starters, the apartment I moved into was by far the dirtiest apartment I have ever moved into. They made no effort whatsoever to clean the apartment before move-in. As a result, I had to spend several days cleaning years worth of dust, grime and filth from the apartment. The response from management is always terrible, good luck ever getting a maintenance request completed.

Stay away!

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stickmantoo Midwest Property Management

Before renting any property managed by this company I would strongly encourage you to read their reviews on Google. I certainly wish I had. We moved my daughter into one of their properties last fall and it was nearly uninhabitable. After a call to notify the management of the problem they sent cleaners who did a minimal surface wipe down.

Throughout the year when the air conditioning quit, when we discovered black mold and brown recluse spiders the company was unresponsive to maintenance requests.

Following a thorough cleaning when we moved my daughter out the company sent us a letter notifying us that not only would we not get any of our deposit back but that they were assessing additional cleaning charges above and beyond our deposit.

We've rented from a number of companies in Lawrence over the past several years and never experienced anything like this. Look at their Facebook page and you will not find any negative criticism of the company. They immediately delete any negative posts. This is not a reputable company and I would strongly recommend you look elsewhere.

Rating: 1

bubinhead Midwest Property Management

Story similar to the first reviewer. This was pretty much the worst rental experience of my life. I should have known something was up from the extremely unprofessional staff and when they asked for a deposit equal to the first month's rent. The apartment was not cleaned on move-in day. In fact, it was absolutely atrocious: crap all of over the floors, walls, and ceilings. We had no choice but to wait for it to be cleaned (seriously, it must have been vacant because the previous leasers died of filth). After two days at the hotel, we move in to find that the updatis was never cleaned. MPM says they'll clean it but never do. Next, we find this fungus in the garage. MPM refuses to do anything. We called the county, who forced them into action. MPM comes cuts it out of the ceiling and walls, but doesn't fix the leak that caused it. The drywall and paint they brought presumably to patch the hole they made were still there the day we moved out. There was also roughly a quarter inch of daylight that showed under all the windows on the top floor. The windows were horribly out of square and didn't close all the way. This made our heating and cooling bill pretty high even with t-shits and towels stuffed around them. MPM was informed of the problem several times, but again, they never did anything. Which is a good segue into the next topic: their maintenance sucks. Don't even both contacting them, they won't come; you're better off doing what ever needs done yourself.

Do not rent from these people.

Rating: 1

mrq02 Midwest Property Management

If I could give them negative stars, I would. I had nothing but problems with them from start to finish. They refused to clear the snow from my driveway until I pointed out that it was in my contract and threatened to take them to court. The apartment was trashed; needed painting and cleaned, both of which they told me they would do before I moved in, though they didn't and I ended up having to do it and pay for it myself. And then to top it all off, of my $515 security deposit, I received exactly $70 back, though I had repaired holes in the wall, painted, and cleaned the entire place.