Rating: 4

Randy Erickson Mexquisito

Great, very unique food. Much different than a standard Mexican restaurant. Kind of place where you look over the menu, everything looks interesting and new...those kinds of places are rare these days. Service is not super fast, but that's likely because they're taking good care to make it, and we're too impatient for everything these days anyway. It's okay to wait for quality. Good stuff!

Rating: 1

Al Capp Mexquisito

Feo, mal y triste. Taco Bell es mejor.

Rating: 4

George_Braziller Mexquisito

Went there today for the first time with my step-dad. I'll definitely be going back. Food, presentation, and price were all great. Reminded me of meals I had in Oaxaca. No Tex-Mex here!

Rating: 5

Dover Mexquisito

Went here in a group last week and everything was excellent, especially the queso -- amazing! Can't wait to try more from the menu. Reasonable prices, too.