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misty123 Med Furniture

Buyer Beware!

I sure wish I had read these reviews before they got my 2300 for the brook 250 treatment table. I have not been able to get ahold of Ryan Gordon nor anyone else from the business. I have taken up a dispute with my Visa. Glad I used a visa to purchase. He said they were having production problems. I had a sneaky feeling after no or limited response that I have been scammed. Do not order from this company until they get 5 star reviews and we all get our tables that have been paid for. Misty

BeResponsible replies...

Contact FBI and local law enforcement. This is not a legitimate business.

robinhood999 replies...

Misty123 and BeResonsible. I think I may have found Ryan Gordon. I've posted it in this same review above. Good luck. I hope I get some product or at least refund from all of this.

Rating: 1

BeResponsible Med Furniture

This seller from the time I showed interest in a power exam table ( Brook250 ) kept on contacting me for a 12 months period. Finally I decided to order it. Before payment of $2775, his communications were quick and prompt. It is now more than 5 weeks since my payments, and he does not reply to any of phone messages or emails or fax! Other customers (mostly doctor offices) have placed reviews and show the same pattern. Make sure you order through this business only COD, if this is a real business. I will remove this review only after I get my full payment refunded. Nothing explains why he does not reply to messages after he cashed the money! Once again I emphasize that I will remove this review only after I get my full payment refunded. Today is 6/7/12

Rating: 1

UpsetDoctor Med Furniture

We ordered and prepaid for medical procedure chair in October 2011 and were promised delivery by the new year. Mr. Gordon has been unresponsive to daily phone inquiries from my office manager and we have e-mailed him numerous times without response. Would like to turn this review into a 5 star rating and will do so as soon as we receive satisfaction with our order. Ryan- where are you???? Why won't you respond and help us?

Rating: 5

medfurniture Med Furniture

This is Ryan, Please give me a call at 800.773.8378 x101 or send me an email and I will make sure this is resolved. If you are unhappy with your product or have not received it, we honor a full money back guarantee.

Thank you, Ryan MedFurniture

linda636 replies...

Ryan, seriously you need some help with your customer service. I am also and upset doctor. If you have no plans on shipping my order, why not just say so? Is it because you want to keep my money? Think again, I have given you numerous chances to solve this issue, and aparantly you have no desire to do so. Surely your answering service is tired of answering these complaints.

Rating: 1

meriru Med Furniture

We ordered our exam table 6 mo ago and still don't have it. But worse, we are unable to get past the receptionist, and most times we get a voice mail on both business and Ryan's cell number. The table is half paid and I don't know what to do next. What's the outcome of your issue? Did the CC company help?

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faithadams Med Furniture

Numerous calls, emails, etc and still no response from our problem dating back to 3/1/2011! I have called the main number, a direct cell phone for Ryan (both of which we are leaving numerous messages on) and have emailed these people about two problematic chairs that we purchased from them for over $6,000. We have tried to work with a Credit Card company since we are not getting any responses from this company. We are turning to this avenue as we would simply like our issue that was to be fixed months ago handled as promised.

BeResponsible replies...

All victim of such crime must contact law enforcement specially Internet Fraud Unit of FBI. Otherwise this kind of crime will go on and more people will fall victim.