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David Clark Headsets  Model X11

Intelligently engineered, low-force, dual-hinge suspension assembly that provides optimum articulation and personalized fit

Super-lightweight headband handcrafted from genuine carbon fiber for maximum strength and durability

Low-profile, vented head pad to eliminate hot spots for long term comfort

Super-soft, fabric-faced, left/right-contoured, gel-filled ear seals that ensure maximum comfort and proper sealing

High-fidelity stereo ear phones with dual volume controls (stereo/mono switchable)

New dual voice coil ENC technology that reduces pilot fatigue

Sleek, lightweight control unit powered by two AA batteries (averages 30 hours), monitored by a power indicator light, and with auto-shutoff capability

Cell phone/auxiliary music input (three accessory cords provided)

Noise-canceling M-77 microphone provides clear, crisp communications with a one-touch positioning flex-boom

Modern design to provide compact storage

A David Clark headset bag is included

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