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Tree Farm

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Lawrence Landscape started their field growing operation in 2001 to supply quality trees for their landscape installation projects. We wanted to be certain not only of the quality of the trees we were installing but also the livability of the trees in our climate. It has been our experience that trees grown in a lighter soil mix or in a protected environment did not perform as well as the trees locally grown in heavier soils and our weather. With this in mind we expanded our farm from just a few acres to over 30. We grow only trees and shrubs that are for this area.

The deciduous shade and ornamental trees that we harvest range from a 2” to 4” trunk diameter and our conifers range from 4’ to 8’. Currently we have over 7000 trees and shrubs in production. We harvest during the dormant season and put the trees in bins for your selection or we welcome you to come out and tag your own in the field.

Please contact Mike at 785.423.5861 if you have further questions or would like to schedule an appointment to look at our trees.