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About Us / Here’s what some of our customers have said about our parties:


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“We’re so glad to have been exposed to your facility through the parties! Because of them our son is now enrolled in a class and loves it!”

“It was great the way the staff took care of every detail, even making a gift list so that all we had to do was sit back and enjoy!”

“I liked how the coaches assisted and ran the party room. My son has been to many Birthday parties and I felt that his party was fun and well organized and the kids had no choice but to be self controlled. Way to go!”

”The staff was interested in the children, noted most of the children’s names, and made sure I was happy with the party.”

“Thank you for providing this safe and fun space for children in Lawrence!”

“This was a great party for my daughter. The staff were very organized and did an outstanding job in the party room. The gift sheet was a great surprise. I have already heard from numerous parents regarding how much fun the kids had. I will certainly recommend LGA to my friends and others. Thank you!”

“We loved watching the children running and playing, smiling from ear to ear!”

“Your staff was very friendly and kind. You could tell they had the children’s best interest at heart. Thank you for a great time!”

“These parties are always a blast for kids and parents”

“The activities were ideal for our party. I would not have changed a thing!”

“[Our party was] much more expensive in Kansas City with less service”

“On a number of occasions I was told by the staff “I’ll take care of that.” I truly felt like I was getting my money’s worth.”

“I really liked the fact that everything was taken care of for us-from the decorations to the activities to the gift opening”

“Our coaches were helpful, fun and energetic!!”